It’s a Good Year for Autumn Raspberries

It’s a good year for autumn raspberries, how do I know? – because I’m still picking them! I grow Joan J autumn canes and they’re still exploding with huge plump fruit with no sign of stopping despite a few frosty nights. The fruits are much larger than our summer variety, being darker in colour creates a dramatic statement against a heavy grey autumn sky.

Cropping can start from July right through to October or early November, weather permitting. I notice they tend to get better and better as the temperature drops off, they’re not troubled by birds either so you get the lot.

The only downside is knowing what to do with them all!


  1. My mouth is watering just looking at the photo – wish my camera would do macro as good as yours. I too still have plenty of rasps but they are going over before I have a chance to pick them.

  2. Have had loads of raspberries this year too, but tend to eat a lot as we pick, so not always loads left over.I totally agree,it’s just amazing how long a season they fruit for. Normally grow Autumn Bliss, but this autumnn I’m planting some Polka canes too to see how they grow and taste next year. Loved your sumptuous pics.Naomi

  3. It has been a brilliant year for them, hasn’t it! Out plants only went in the ground this spring, but they have still been prolific. Not prolific enough to make jam, but enough for all four of us to munch them most days.

  4. I’ve been surprised at the crop we’ve had because ours were only planted in Spring. I planted Autumn Bliss but some didn’t take so I replaced them with Polka and they have been amazing. Much bigger fruit than Bliss. Just wish I’d planted all Polka.

  5. Fabulous photos! I have a row of Autumn Bliss, which is a predecessor to Joan J I think. Mine have done well this year too. Sounds like a good year for raspberries all round.

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