Still Finding Charlotte Potatoes

Somehow I managed to miss a few Charlotte potato plants, normally I’ve pulled them all by now. I started digging over the ’empty’ potato bed at the weekend and found dried potato haulms just visible on the surface of the soil and lots of healthy Charlotte potatoes buried beneath – the best yield per plant yet!

I usually find a few rogue potatoes in the empty beds but this is ridiculous! Luckily the weather for this time of year has been beautiful, I’m pretty sure this time last year we were under a blanket of thick snow and ice. Surprisingly, only one potato from this little lot was slug damaged, the others are just asking to be boiled and tossed in butter, perfect for an autumn snack.


5 thoughts on “Still Finding Charlotte Potatoes

  1. Thats always the way with potatoes isn’t it – I don’t think I’ve ever managed to dig them all up in one hit. Trouble is I sowed green manure over the top of my potato patch so if there are any lurkers they will have to stay there.


  2. We found a few when digging over the bed where they’d grown this year and then the chickens dug up a couple more when they did their bit of weeding.


  3. What a lovely discovery. I’m sure I missed a few in my potato bed but mine has green manure on top of it as well. Oh well, not long till I’m buying seed potatoes for next year’s crop.


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