Interesting Winter Salads

I enjoy the occasional fresh salad during winter, so with this in mind I decided to grow a few tasty things in the greenhouse. I’m growing autumn variety broad beans for the leaves only, autumn peas for young shoots and baby (immature) beets for leaves rather than roots. Herbs such as mint will overwinter well if kept frost-free and parsley will continue to grow happily if brought indoors during cold weather. Coriander is easily grown from seed all year round.

The plants are not going to be allowed to crop so I can afford to sow seed quite close together, packing in as many as I can. Fingers crossed for an interesting and tasty salad this winter. Have a go yourself!

5 thoughts on “Interesting Winter Salads

  1. I attempted to do the same thing, unfortunately the peas went mouldy when we had all that damp, foggy weather, and I had to nip the broads back as they started to grow straggly. But I have been successful with mixed salad leaves which are thriving in the greenhouse.


  2. Nice one Karen! – I applaud your determination to eat salad all year – I hope it works out for you, sounds like you’ve got a nice mix of herbs and leaves. I keep herbs going all year as I use them all the time in cooking. You could also grow speedy Radish Cress and early next year think about Salad Burnet (cucumber flavoured leaves) and Broadleaf Sorrel – both are perennial and fully hardy in winter but need to be started in the spring.


  3. I’ve got my microgreens on the window sill, although they don’t produce much of a salad more like a sprinkling. I’ve also got some red pak choi in a trough in my cold frame which are producing tasty leaves for picking. I’ve got some up at the allotment as well, but they’ve been mauled by slugs. Slugs in December, is there no escape?


  4. Sorry to hear your peas and beans didn’t work Elaine, you could try them again and see if you have any luck.

    I have both those herbs Carol, I almost forgot about them because the raspberries have been thugs this year and have swamped my herb patch! Thanks for the reminder, I will try to ‘find’ them once the wind dies down a bit!

    I must try growing pak choi, I enjoy eating it! Another one of those things that I must add to my list. Slugs touch wood have left my allotment alone, I really believe the gravel paths make it so much harder for them to get to anything.


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