I’m a Winner!

Ooo how very exciting! I’ve just received confirmation that my photo (above) won third prize in a photo competition over at http://ukveggardeners.com/forum/topics/photo-competition-winners

Congratulations must go to first prize winner Carolyn over at http://urbanvegpatch.blogspot.com/ and second prize winner Mark Willis who can be found blogging here http://www.marksvegplot.blogspot.com Well done!

I will put my prize which is a seed bomb making kit from The Eden Project to good use at my allotment, it could do with a splash of colour and I adore wildflowers. Yay!

If you have an allotment, grow veg in your garden or patio tubs take a look at http://ukveggardeners.com and join this friendly community of gardeners.

12 thoughts on “I’m a Winner!

  1. Your photos are always wonderful but it must feel good to know that other think that too, others in an official capacity.
    Kay x


  2. Congratulations Karen. It is photos like yours that give me the inspiration to learn how to take better shots. Thank you for the Christmas wishes left on my blog – a very happy Christmas to you too. Ronnie xx


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