Welly Boots and Seeds

I took part in a spot of garden retail therapy on Monday, rather than the other option of sitting at home scoffing my face, watching rubbish bank holiday TV. It really wasn’t a hard decision, I had Christmas gift money burning a hole in my pocket and I desperately needed new wellies. My current pair have seen better days and thanks to a hard stint at my new allotment plot last year they finally split around the sole, carrying out their dastardly threat.

Clutching a new pair of welly boots I browsed the rest of the shop at my own leisure, eventually making my way over to the seed racks. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop gazing at row upon row of brightly coloured seed packets. Admiring the selection of heritage seeds I made a purchase of ‘Selma Zebra’ climbing beans, they look really interesting plus I’ve never grown them before. Each year I like to grow at least one new crop or a few different varieties of favourites, I find it difficult to stop selecting seeds to buy because there are many choices (each one is justified of course) but I have to be realistic. Growing space limitations can lead to interesting arguments with myself, no doubt I amuse the other shoppers who stop to watch me reason with an invisible person in the seed aisle.

Other seeds I managed to convince myself to buy were Thompson & Morgan mangetout ‘Shiraz’ (being a red wine drinker this was an easy-peasy argument to win), also a type of woodland/alpine strawberry made it into the shopping basket because the tiny strawberries are carried high above the foliage on upright stalks, making picking a breeze. Then somehow during my seed selecting I decided I was going to beat the current 884lb Atlantic pumpkin record. I’m still puzzled at how I won that argument and I absolutely hope I don’t beat the record or get anywhere near it. What would I do with a monster pumpkin that size anyway? Oh and some pretty looking squash managed to win me over along with ‘Petit Pois’ peas, ‘Twinkle’ early peas and a variety of tomato that I’ve never tried before. Gosh that is rather a lot of new things to try.

I think that’s it…….

13 thoughts on “Welly Boots and Seeds

  1. I had to buy new boots for the garden too this winter! Mine has a hole in them and had to cast them aside! Do you have a photo of your new Wellies?


  2. Ah you obviously have the gardeners disease , you should come with me to ‘Seedaholics Anonymous’. My name is Karen and I am a Seedaholic. Once you have said it out loud it doesn’t seem too bad. I always like to try one or two new varieties each year it all adds to the anticipation of even better crops. Tomatoes are my downfall – I can’t resist trying new types recommended in magazines. Most are disappointing though and I usually go back to firm favourites. Repeat after me “I must try to be more discerning” – that’s what I say to myself when perusing the seed displays – but my hand reaches out, trembling, and before I know it I have another half dozen packets in my hand. Oh dear – I am a lost cause.


  3. Hi Meemsync, it’s lovely buying new boots and I’m really pleased with mine. I went for a blue pair this time, just for a change. No photo of them yet but I must set them to work soon!

    Hi Elaine, your comment made me laugh! I also tend to go back to firm favourites with tomatoes. Have you ever grown any of the striped varieties? I’ve been told the flavour is disappointing.


  4. I love reading about what new things people are growing. I think you should go for the Pumpkin record…. then follow up with 101 Things to do with a Giant Pumpkin ;)


  5. Hi Mo, I also love to read what others are going to try and grow, I think the pumpkin record was a bit ambitious but hey in for a penny!


  6. Hi Karen, Having discovered More Veg seeds last year (and gone a bit wild with my order) I decided to list every single seed packet that I have and only then turn to the seed catalogues. I put my online seed wish list into a new Pinterest board on my page (which only makes me want them even more!). The garden plan will come next, then, finally, the purchases! I have Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds from a couple of years ago. Forgot to plant in year one, planted late in year two and still got an impressive 15 foot long vine (but tiny pumpkins). This year am going for THE BIG ONE and will nip out the growing tip once a couple of fruits have formed. We can compare notes!! Caro x
    (PS. If you carve your kids names into the pumpkin when it’s small, the names will grow into the skin of the fruit. Great for outdoor Hallowe’en parties.)


  7. Ooo Flighty, you must RESISSST!!! Otherwise you will go in for wellies and fall into the seed section ;)

    Carve names into pumpkins…what a fab idea ! I will try that Caro, thanks!


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