Chitting Seed Potatoes

To me, setting seed potatoes out to chit heralds the start of the growing year. This year I’ve decided to grow more potatoes than I usually do (most will be going to my allotment) so there’s lots of chitting to be getting on with. I’m sticking with two favourites of mine which are Charlotte, a versatile salad type grown as a second early and Desiree, a main crop potato with gorgeous red/dark pink skin.

Which varieties will you be growing this year? Any faves?

17 thoughts on “Chitting Seed Potatoes

  1. Hello,
    I am currently chitting two varities Pentland Crown and Charlottes and I have Maris Piper ones on the way!

  2. I’m growing Charlotte, too. Last year we grew Swift, a very early one and Charlotte. The Swift were dreadful, hardly any tubers, the leaves went funny, just very disappointing. The Charlottes however were a great success. Loads of tubers and no pest and disease problems. So this year we’ve just got more Charlottes. It’s too risky to devote ground to main crops here because summers tend to be damp, blight is a big problem.

  3. Hi have charlotte, Anya, and Rooster? wondering if I have too many and the allotment will just be a potatoe field!!!…

  4. I grow both of these! Charlotte is an excellent variety that can be left in the ground to grow quite large, and which then keep well. I used the last of mine just a few weeks ago.
    I’m also chitting first earlies Vales Emerald and another second early Kestrel, both of which I’ve grown before.
    I consider the start to my growing year being when I empty the compost heap, which I shall do hopefully later this month. xx

  5. My ‘chitters’ are at about the same stage as yours are – last year I tried Kestrel, which performed very poorly, I also tried Rocket which were tasteless – so I’m not trying either of them again. This year Charlotte, Anya and Desiree – all versatile and good ‘doers’ for me, plus any unexpected ones that ‘pop’ up from last year.

  6. We are stopping main crops after several years of blight killing them off (even blight resistant varieties & we even tried spraying them one year too to no avail) :o( The upside is that it makes our earlies taste even sweeter!
    Good luck with yours!

  7. We’ve opted for Pentland Javeline this year. The variety is meant to have good disease resistance and the early new potatoes are good with salads. We got them when we visited Wisley a few weeks ago and I’ve just put them out to chit today.

  8. I’d intended to try some new varieties this year, having had a good long look through the seed catalogues. But I was swayed by a small bag of Charlottes and another of Roosters (never grown these) in Morrisons for a quid each. So, 10 potato plants for £2 – sounds like a bargain to me and will give me enough spuds for my needs. And still room to try other varieties if I want ;)

  9. I am ashamed to say that I’ve not even bought my seed potatoes yet, let alone started chitting them. Last year I grew small quantities of lots of different ones, but like others was very disappointed in Swift, so this year I will stick to our two favourites, Anya and Charlotte. Assuming I can find someone to buy them from, that is… And that I stop procrastinating…

  10. My seed potatoes are already chitting like mad. How can I stop them? Don’t want to plant for at leadt 6 weeks yet. They are in the dark and cold. Help!

  11. Hi Alison,

    I would get them into the light, otherwise the shoots will grow long and fragile. They will be fine until you need to plant them and will have short healthy green shoots instead of pale long weak ones. Hope this helps.

  12. I am trying Rocket wondered if anyone has use these before as I have 2.5k bag to chit desperately asking my friends for egg boxes!!
    Anya and charlotte the others any ideas of a good tried and trusted main crop??
    Know we have Desiree, Maris piper and rooster as commonly known.

  13. I grow Desiree maincrop, I tend to stick to what my family like. I try a few seed potatoes of a new variety if I fancy it, rather than mass planitng. You can chit potatoes in trays to save space.

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