Snow View and Snow Victim


The snow that we had been expecting arrived last night, I watched the snowflakes dance and swirl before covering the ground with a crisp white carpet. The above photo shows the view of the lane from the front of our house, taken from an upstairs window. As beautiful as snow is, it can be very destructive as I discovered early this morning. Laying before me was our established Photinia ‘Red Robin’, flattened by the weight of its new snow coat. A complete shock and unforeseen. Being a small tree it has been difficult to lift it off its knees, it’s just too big and heavy to stake so I’m afraid its future is looking very bleak.

The above photo shows the Photinia before its demise, standing proud next to the honeysuckle arch, just a section of our back garden. If it cannot be saved then I shall have to make plans for a new feature plant. Perhaps a large grass would be nice.

If the snow fluttered down on you I hope you enjoyed it, the older I get the more miserable I get about it all. Bah humbug!

9 thoughts on “Snow View and Snow Victim

  1. I know what you mean Karen. I have always loved snow but when you’re younger it doesn’t seem to get in the way of anything. Now it means not being able to get to the allotment to start the long list of jobs that need doing. I prefer it before Christmas, it adds to the festive feeling and I do need to be on the plot in December. We’re running out of wood as well for the wood burner so I’m rather hoping this cold spell doesn’t last to much longer. Sorry to hear about your tree. Is there any chance of trying to give it makeshift stake of some kind just to steady it for a while?


  2. Thanks all, glad I’m not the only one unkeen on snow. I’m going to get some sturdy stakes to support the weight and get it upright again, then lop some of the top off. I hope it recovers, it would be a shame to lose it.


  3. Once the snow’s gone, I hope you can nurse your tree back to good health Karen. My winter veg seemed to suffer in the freeze before the snow but were looking quite perky yesterday sitting in 3 inches of the stuff! The weight of snowfall is underestimated – heavy snowfall in recent years stretched and broke the netting covering the top of our playground (it was there to stop balls being kicked too high) and we’ve had to remove it. You’d think the snow would fall through, but no…


  4. I see, Karen. That doesn’t sound too hopeful, I’ll admit. I see more snow is forecast for Friday night here and in the Midlands, not sure about where you are. I shall also be pleased when the snow is all gone and the weather is a few degrees warmer.


  5. Yes, more snow indeed! Trying its luck here already. Ugh! I miss seeing a little bit of blue in the sky, white skies are so dull :(


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