No Valentine’s Day Eggs for Me

Tradition will tell you that hens start laying consistently again after a winter break or slow down, on or around St Valentine’s Day. Our hens are over the moult, healthy and fed a good diet, but this is the first winter that we’ve had no hens laying at all. It’s hardly surprising really, given the girls are getting on a bit (egg production slows right down or stops as hens mature) plus we don’t have as many hens as we did.

Days are gradually starting to get longer and the extra light will stimulate laying, but for one or two of our girls I suspect their egg laying days may be already be over. At some point I will be looking to add a few new hens to the flock, perhaps ex-caged hens or I may opt for POL hybrids, I might even mix. I’m unsure at the moment. We shall see how things go, either way, any non-layers will live their retirement out here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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