My Favourite Variety of Garlic

The snow and ice are no more, melted away by yesterday’s gorgeous mild weather. While I was rooting around in the soil of my veg garden this morning (oh how I’ve missed being able to do that) I spotted the Cristo garlic that I planted back in November, pushing through the soil. Garlic needs a cold spell, this month has certainly been cold at times.

I’m hooked on Cristo for its taste and performance, at the moment it’s my favourite variety to grow.

 Do you have a favourite variety of garlic?

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Variety of Garlic

  1. Nice, I bet that was a pleasant surprise for you.

    I’ve some garlic I potted up 8th Jan so will I guess move it into a large container (yet to be purchased) within the next couple of weeks and then see how it goes from there but I think I was probably too late.

    As for my favourite – any garlic will do ;)


  2. I haven’t grown enough garlic to know which is my favourite, but anything is better than the shop bought stuff! I’ve been buying some real rubbish lately!


  3. I do love those moments when you suddenly spot something popping up above the soil and you can start to anticipate either edible of flowering delights to come. I’ve not grown any garlic yet, but I certainly plan to once we are settled.


  4. Haven’t got a favourite as I’ve only been growing it this past two years. Really like how you can put it in the ground, not worry about it too much and let it do its thing. A good hardy veg.
    Wild Garlic is great, have you ever tried it?


  5. I’ve no idea what mine is called. I bought it years ago at a farmer’s market but it never lets me down. It’s soft neck, as I have always found that this kind performs best. This year (for the first time) it’s surprised me by sprouting scapes!
    I’ve never eaten wild garlic – wouldn’t mind giving it a try though.


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