11 thoughts on “First Egg of the Year

  1. Yay! It’s amazing how exciting it can be. I love hens and have had lots over the years – we are building our new house & run at the moment for our new hens.
    I hope that is one of many for you this year.


  2. It looks like a good shell on that egg, too. Amber hasn’t laid an egg since the 5th of the month and it was quite thin shelled. We’re eagerly awaiting the first egg from our two new Sussex. It should appear in a week or two.


  3. Hi Karen, mine didn’t really go off lay though one had an awful moult (crouching, miserable and hardly able to walk) and we thought she wasn’t going to make it. Recovered now though. I hadn’t realised moulting can be such an awful experience.


  4. I did! I admit it! I ate them both *piggy noise*

    Hi David, a friend of mine had a hen do exactly the same as yours during a moult, she looked ‘drunk’ and had little coordination. She recovered.
    My hens are old for ex battery hens, two are approximately 5-6 years old now. They’re bred to die young, so it’s very special to me to still have two of my orginal girls 4 years on. Two of my other girls are probably just as old but they were kept back in the battery farm longer, being there roughly 2 years. They don’t lay anymore, their ‘bits’ are knackered and they have a few health problems now.

    Glad to hear your hen has recovered.


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