Forced Rhubarb is Ready

In January I forced my crown of Timperley Early rhubarb, using my rather stylish forcing jar. Stems are ready to harvest once the leaves reach the top of the forcer. The sweet aroma of rhubarb filled the air as I pulled pink tender stems from the ground early this morning.

A bowl of warm rhubarb crumble is just what’s needed to cheer up such a wet and miserable-looking day.

12 thoughts on “Forced Rhubarb is Ready

  1. The rhubarb at the allotment is only just poking through and there is no sign of the one at home at all (hope I’ve not lost it) so maybe next year I will see if I can force it with maybe an old dustbin or something. Love the pink colour of it – looks good enough to eat.


  2. We don’t force ours and in fact I don’t think either plant is showing above the ground yet. While I don’t begrudge my husband his rhubarb I would be pleased if those plants had died off as they are in one of our smaller veg beds and take up so much room. I’d like him to plant it somewhere else, really.

    Enjoy your rhubarb crumble – we have apple crumble tonight, made with apples with picked and pureed last Autumn.


  3. Ooo fabulous colours! I’m putting a rhubarb forcer on my list for this year. My rhubarb is barely showing above ground at the moment but I’m so looking forward to the first taste.


  4. They look great Karen. I love rhubarb – especially warm.
    We have a lot of rhubarb but never use it all. Do you have any tips for either storage or to use it up?


  5. Timperley Early is the one to get for an early crop, mine is usually ready for picking by late March.
    Chilli Ninja, I usually cook mine straight away, crumbles or fools mainly. I just pick it as I need it, the stems tend to go soft quite quickly, even in the fridge. I never pick all of my plant, only what I need and I stop picking in summer to allow the plant to recover.


  6. I have grown some early forced rhubarb on my allotment this year.

    Yesterday I cooked some of this rhubarb and served it with custard and I can tell you it really is delicious to eat.


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