Ladybirds are everywhere at the moment, lots of them too. They’re in the greenhouse, peeking out of the bug boxes I’ve provided, grouped together on shrubs, fence posts and they’re even spilling out of the joins of my wooden raised beds.

I’m hoping they stick around and zap all the aphid this year.

12 thoughts on “Ladybirds

  1. I found one on my washing just now when I brought it in, but don’t think we’ve got as many as you, by the sound of it. The aphids in your garden had better watch out!

    We do have to be looking out for harlequin ladybirds, though, although I’m not sure how easy it is to tell them apart from natives. There is a website to report them to.


  2. That’s good to know. I thought I found a dead one the other day, but it was the same size as a native ladybird, so I wasn’t sure. The colourings seem to be similar to one kind of native ladybird or another.


  3. I’ve noticed loads of ladybirds in the last week or so. We’ve had quite a few appear in the house, probably brought in on the washing. Hoping there is enough for them to feed on. Last year we had similar warm weather early on and lots of ladybirds and then I’m guessing because there weren’t enough aphids etc to feed on they died and there were no ladybirds to be seen, it was well into July before ladybird numbers picked up again.


  4. Great shots! I don’t think I have seen any ladybirds this year, maybe I’m not looking hard enough! Will probably see them everywhere now!


  5. Love your ladybird pictures. Plenty aphids in Jersey but haven’t seen many ladybirds yet. PLEASE can anyone tell me a good way to get rid of Vine Weevils…..I’m a bit scared to use that chemical killer as have lots of birds, cats and a gorgeous puppy who may dig up things and nibble. Have been told Jeyes Fluid is good…but were they joking????


  6. Thank you Helen! Thanks for adding the survey link to this post, I will certainly use it and record my sightings.


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