Emptying the Compost Bins

I have been emptying a few of our compost bins recently, the compost is crumbly and smells earthy, a sure sign that it’s ready for use. The compost is rich in chicken manure, green waste and kitchen scraps. Tiger worms have certainly been doing their bit, our bins are literally wriggling with them. I shovelled the compost into a waiting wheelbarrow, then tipped it straight into some of the raised beds.

Now I’ve got some empty bins to fill with more magical compost-making ingredients.

12 thoughts on “Emptying the Compost Bins

  1. How do you get your compost past your girls? Our bins are in their run and as soon as you approach the compost bins they are there to eat all the bugs and worms. Xxx


  2. Our bins are away from the hen houses, we do allow the hens on the compost heap from time to time. For the past few days they’ve been ‘helping’ to dig over the patch where the pumpkins are going to be planted.


  3. Your compost looks really good! I need to start a new bin at the plot and get my bokashi system up and running again at home!


  4. Thanks Val, it was a little dry but it seems OK now. I haven’t tried the bokashi system, the box looks neat and compact so perhaps I will add it to my list of things to try out. This list is getting longer and longer!


  5. Great looking stuff. We emptied our bin at the allotment a few weeks ago but need to tackle the one in the garden. Oh dear there really isn’t enough time in the day.


  6. Since we had our chickens the compost we produce is amazing – it definitely matures faster than it used to and must have more nutrient benefits for the soil/plants as our raised beds are becoming more productive every year.


  7. Isn’t it a great feeling when you empty the compost bins into the garden the first couple of times and really see how much it actually makes. I am rather astounded that I use to throw it all away
    but now every bit gets composted.


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