Planting Onion Sets

I planted the onion sets yesterday, in went the trusty Red Baron and a new variety (for me), Hercules. I always grow onions from sets, I find them easier and I get better results than seed grown onions. This is how I plant onion sets:

  • Gently push an onion (pointy tip facing upwards) into the soil, butting it up against the line guide to keep your row nice and straight (I use an old piece of wood). Leave the tip of the onion exposed from the soil, if your soil is heavy don’t force the onion in, use a dibber, otherwise you might damage the onion.
  • I know roughly how far apart to plant onion sets by stretching my thumb and forefinger apart (as far as they will go) and using the space between as my guide.
  • Continue this process until you run out of onions sets or your finger and thumb start to ache.
  • Give the onions a good watering and keep the space between them weed free as they grow.

Some folk start onion sets off in cell trays in an unheated greenhouse, planting them out when conditions are right. I haven’t bothered doing this but I’m sure it works fine. I hope the Hercules do well, time will tell. Which varieties are you growing?

6 thoughts on “Planting Onion Sets

  1. I’m growing the variety ‘Sturon’, half of which I planted last week. So far only one has been pulled up by a bird, and the rest I’ll do later this week. xx


  2. Yes, 6” is how far apart I plant mine, although I do it by eye. D’you not make little ridges for them.

    I won’t start until the end of April, though.


  3. I’m not doing onions due to lack of space but I have planted out some shallots, variety ‘Pikant’. They’ve started to sprout which always makes me happy. I worry that I might have bought duff bulbs and I’m not happy until I see the little tufts of green.


  4. We have Sturton and Red Baron this year. They are not in yet but we’re hoping for a better crop than last year. We have toyed with the idea of bringing them on indoors first but haven’t actually done it.


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