Jobs for March

March is an exciting and busy time for the vegetable gardener. Seed sowing can really begin now but always keep an eye on weather conditions and try to plan ahead, far better to follow the weather than the calendar.

Jobs that can be tackled this month, depending on weather conditions:

  • Sow early peas in guttering, modules or direct if the soil is warm enough
  • Sow chillies and tomatoes, keeping the trays on a warm sunny windowsill indoors
  • Plant early potatoes
  • Sow sweetcorn into individual pots towards the middle of the month, put them in a greenhouse or place on a sunny windowsill and keep the pots warm
  • Sow sweet peas (for their lovely flowers and perfume)
  • Plant raspberry canes
  • Sow brassicas under cover
  • Beetroot can be started early in modules inside the greenhouse, plant seedlings out once conditions are right
  • Plant asparagus crowns
  • Sow lettuce and radish in a cold frame or under cloches
  • Carrots and turnips can be sown outdoors under cloches
  • Plant strawberries

Depending on the weather, some of these jobs may not be possible to carry out, but can be tackled another time once conditions are right.

11 thoughts on “Jobs for March

  1. Thanks for all your tips for this month. I’ve spent the day re-potting geranium cuttings, but have found vine weevil eggs and some hatched ones in the pots. Ive got rid of these, but does anyone know a good way to rid the soil, apart from using nemodes or strong chemicals. Someone told me Jeyes Fluid will do the job BUT worry in case it would kill the plants too!. Any ideas please?


  2. I would like to have planted strawberries, but they have not been delivered yet. The bed is dug and waiting. I’ve sown a row of carrots, but it might be a good idea to put a cloche on them this evening as temperatures are due to drop from tomorrow, so thanks for the reminder.


  3. Carole, I wouldn’t put Jeyes Fluid in my soil. I have chickens roaming around, digging in the soil, plus I eat what I grow. Too risky!


  4. Jobs for March is fast turning into Jobs for April! I think I will try to make room for Sweet Pea this year for that bit of colour!


  5. I’ve done all I wanted to do this month, and more, thanks to the good weather. By the look of the weather forecast for next week April may be a different story! xx


  6. It’s a hectic time and I’ve already run out of space on my window sills and the cold frames are packed. I’m sure I’m going to end up with a traffic jam of plants waiting to be released but the weather complicating everything!


  7. Karen what type of toms are you growing this year greenhouse and outdoors didn’t have much luck last year with either….. think it was snow and wet weather.


  8. Frances, At the moment I’m growing 3 cherry varieties and two varieties of usual size tomatoes. All germinating well on a sunny windowsill indoors. I have other seeds in my box but I’ll see how I go for space for now. Where and when do you sow yours?


  9. I’m trying to grow some new T&M seeds in the incubator aint got a clue what the seeds called, put them in half way thru feb still have only 6 leaves on them also got some yellow cherry and large stripey ones and beef tom seeds, got 2 greenhouses one for heating and coldhouse the other. My garden seems to be getting smaller and smaller.
    Sorry to see you lost hermione :-(


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