Vegetable Garden in Photos

I wanted to share a few photos of my favourite place to be, our vegetable garden. The photos were taken last summer when everything was looking its best, the plot looks more or less as you see here once it gets going, I just haven’t included the greenhouse or wildlife pond. As you can see, I like to include flowers to attract and help pollinators. Vegetable gardens can be a thing of beauty too.

When we moved into our property in 2008 there wasn’t a vegetable garden. The area we designated to be our future veg patch was a sight for sore eyes, overgrown and completely neglected, bursting at the seams with rubble, rubbish, brambles and the remains of an old stable. Once we finished chopping our way through the dense jungle of brambles, the plot had to be levelled using a mini digger. Gradually and ever so slowly, we began to put the bare bones of our vegetable plot together.

It has gone through a lot of changes over the years, gradually increasing in size and maturing, looking now as if it had always been there.

Do you like our scarecrow? Our children made it a few years ago. It’s very weathered now and blends in a bit too well. The wood pigeons completely ignore it.

A lot has changed since we first started and will continue to keep changing for a while yet. I hope you have enjoyed a quick tip-toe through our vegetable garden.

10 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden in Photos

  1. I love the veg garden, you have put so much work into it. I love looking at other people’s gardens. Thanks for sharing! Her x


  2. Looks stunning! I think every veg garden needs lots and lots of flowers. As you say, it does wonders for attracting pollinators and looks amazing too.


  3. I can see why it’s your favourite place to be. It’s good to see photos of sunshine and abundance. My plot looks a bit bleak at the moment, it’s hard to imagine that in a few months time everything will be blooming.


  4. It all looks very lush, and hopefully that’s how all our vegetable patches will look again in a few months time. Flighty xx


  5. Wow – Look at all that – you are so lucky to have the room to do that and I all looks to be coming on nicely. The lettuce looks yummy already.

    Loving the scarecrow ;)


  6. Oh wow I am really impressed!!! One can tell how much time and effort you’ve put in for your veg garden. Really great work!!


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