Washout Weekend

The Easter bank holiday weekend was pretty much a washout, rain, rain and more rain. Mind you we had lots planned, what with family visiting on Sunday and shopping in Milton Keynes with the kids on Monday, I hardly had time for gardening anyway. I managed to visit my allotment on Good Friday to plant potatoes, then a quick visit on Saturday morning to plant some raspberry canes and a few other bits and bobs.

Last night was very windy and today we had a hail storm, complete with thunder and lightning. Very strange and unsettled weather at the moment, I’m delaying sowing outside for fear of my seeds being washed away!

I’ve recently discovered field mice are digging up my early pea seeds and eating them (they were just sprouting too). A few of the broad bean seedlings were left half eaten, the mice are digging down to the bean and chomping the top growth clean off. I can keep deer out of the garden but not the mice, it’s just one of those things I’m afraid, gardening alongside nature. All I can do is start the peas off again but in the greenhouse this time, planting out later. I’ve put cabbage collars around the broad beans to prevent the mice digging in for the bean, so far this seems to be working.

I hope you had a good Easter, did you manage to get any gardening or allotment visits done, despite the lousy weather?

7 thoughts on “Washout Weekend

  1. Lovely photos, Karen! I got down to the plot on Good Friday to make a special windbreak for my rhubarb. And then on Monday I did some work on my RCT and planted some Sweet Pea. Friday was cool and overcast, and Monday was a teeshirt job. Your poor broad beans are are having a hard time… again!!


  2. I finally got around to planting my onion sets and garlic this weekend, and was rained on twice in the process – but in between the sunshine was so warm that it didn’t matter! I expect the garden will explode now and I’ll lose any sense of ever having been in control of it ;)


  3. I managed to get a few bits done, mainly seed sowing back in my garden. It was so cold and I have to sow outdoors with not having a greenhouse. Trying to sow tiny seeds with numbs fingers is interesting. My broad beans and peas have been mauled. Both were started off at home and then planted up when a good size but the birds have had a right good go at them. The broad beans should survive the onslaught but the peas look dreadful. I’ve got another batch on the go but rather messes up my successional sowing and the season has only just started!!


  4. I spent a couple of hours on the plot on Good Friday but the rest of the weekend was mostly spent armchair gardening, and the rain on Monday was much needed! xx


  5. Sad to hear about your peas. I think that’s what happened to mine too as they magically just dissappeared!


  6. We usually get the brunt of the weather here in west Wales but fortunately, we actually had some quite nice weather. In fact, I’m starting to worry about my garden getting enough rain…now there’s a first! Tragic!


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