A Few Hours in the Warm Sunshine

I woke to a beautiful sunny day, I took the opportunity to take some early morning photos. Although the recent rain was needed, it was nice to have a break from it. The sun disappeared by mid-morning and the sky looked an angry grey, I felt sure the rain would be back. The sun burst through the gloom and stayed for the rest of the afternoon, allowing me to spend a long time in the garden.

I spent a few hours pottering around in the garden. Well I say “pottering” but what I really mean is I actually tackled a few jobs that I’d been putting off. My usual definition of pottering involves a bit of day dreaming, starting something and then moving on to something else without finishing what I started before, a bit of head scratching at why the garden looks messier than when I first started, oh and wondering where the time went.

The rain has helped the grass to put on lush growth

Anyway, one of the jobs I was avoiding was to tidy up the strawberry bed. The plants went berserk last summer, sprawling runners rooting anywhere and everywhere. I potted up a few stray runners to plant out at my allotment and moved some that insisted on growing in the most awkward of places. The autumn raspberries were sending new canes out everywhere, I found one coming up on a path so I traced that back and took it out, then tackled others that were growing out of the boundary I had set for them.

I really enjoyed working in the warm sunshine, randomly sprinkling packets of wildflower mixes in a bed right next to the wildlife pond. Should be gorgeous in summer. I also sowed a few rows of parsnip (my trusty and favourite ‘Gladiator’) and ‘Resistafly’ carrot, a Nantes type with good resistance to the dreaded carrot fly.

Did you get outside in the sunshine today?

3 thoughts on “A Few Hours in the Warm Sunshine

  1. Spring is such an exciting time of year! The freshness, the excitement. Wishing you a wonderful spring filled with TONS of sunny days!


  2. You’ve tackled all the jobs still on my list Karen! I have (what looks like) a billion strawberry runners to relocate/dig up and am also finding raspberry canes in the oddest places – they manage to travel quite a distance! Haven’t managed to get out in the sun yet as am fending pigeons off my balcony seedlings and tackling my tax return. *sobs*


  3. Lovely photos! I tidied up my raspberries and strawberries some weeks back so they’re looking okay at the moment.
    I pottered yesterday morning and today, which started off rather chilly, I sowed some flower and vegetable seeds. xx


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