The Early Strawberries are Flowering

As I was tidying the strawberry bed yesterday, I noticed the early varieties starting to flower. Wet from rain the night before, they glistened and glittered in the morning sunlight. Open flowers were laden with raindrops,  offering water like tiny glowing goblets.

I can almost taste the strawberries to come.

4 thoughts on “The Early Strawberries are Flowering

  1. Hi Karen, Gorgeous pic which got me licking my lips for the taste of things to come. My mid season strawberries are strangely in flower too, but did have some fruits ripening in May last year, so who knows what’s in store this season.


  2. I can almost taste that strawberry, too. Unfortunately mine are too new. They are just putting on their leaves, so I’m not sure we’ll have strawberries in June.


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