Free At Last Hens, Four Years On

We collected six scruffy ex battery hens (our very first hens) from a Bedfordshire based hen rescue called Free At Last, four years ago today.

I’m really chuffed to announce that two hens from the original six that we collected are still here, still laying when the occasion takes their fancy and most definitely still scratching up the flower beds and chasing flies.

Emily blowing a kiss!

To find out more about Free At Last hen rescue, visit their website:

12 thoughts on “Free At Last Hens, Four Years On

  1. Congratulations to the two Survivors! I’m sure that all 6 of them had a wonderful life with you.
    Emily’s photo is excellent! ;)


  2. Four years is amazing! We have one ‘original’ ex-bat who is coming up to her 2nd birthday with us. She hasn’t laid an egg since her moult in December but has taken on a very regal and poised manner recently so we’re considering renaming her from Chicken Licken to The Duchess!


  3. People never seem to realise how much personality chickens have. Such happy looking ladies, happy to be living the good life no doubt.


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