Gardening with my Son

I had a great time teaching my 11-year-old son to sow seed at the beginning of the week, he seemed to enjoy himself, even though gardening isn’t his thing. Right now, to him, gardening just isn’t ‘cool’. I’m sure there are boys of his age that do take an interest in gardening, my son isn’t one of them.

The recent half-term holiday dragged on a little too long for him, he had an extra day at home due to teacher training and he was bored. Very bored. I suggested he could help out in the garden, a blank expression crept onto his face so I acted quickly before he had time to complain or think about what I’d just said. Out came the camera, seed packet, tray, watering can and a bag of potting compost. Boy, compost, water. The idea of gardening with me suddenly seemed OK – he could make a mess!

I gave him all the things he needed, quickly ran through what he needed to do then sat back and watched him get on with it. He had great fun filling the tray with compost, watering and making little planting holes in the compost with his fingers, dropping a pea seed into each one. Once the seeds were in the planting holes he carefully covered them with soil. I think he did a good a job, most importantly I also think he enjoyed it.

We got our pea seeds from T&M, variety Mangetout ‘Shiraz’. I’m looking forward to seeing the pods develop, being purple they will stand out against the green of the plants, making picking easier. The flowers are bicoloured and edible. To get your purple mangetout seeds or to find out more, visit Thompson & Morgan’s website:

5 thoughts on “Gardening with my Son

  1. 11 is the age many children start to want to conform more to their peers than their parents, so it can be difficult to get them to do things you enjoy, but when your son sees those peas come up and eats peas from the plants he started off, perhaps that will make a good impression on him.


  2. Wow! Purple Mangetout sound great, I never knew about them. I will check the website. Thanks for the link. Love the photography.


  3. Reminds me how my kids helped me in the garden,they aren’t big gardeners,either, but this way they got another perspective ……


  4. I love taking my son outside and playing in our garden too. He gets excited when something new opens up. He’s just going to be three. Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue


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