Pond Life

There has been a surge of activity in the wildlife pond recently. The pond is ‘alive’ with wriggling mosquito larvae, I spotted lots of eggs floating on the surface recently. Last month frogs spawned in our pond, since then I’ve watched the eggs develop into tiny tadpoles. It was amazing to watch them all eating their way out of their jelly world, I’ve never seen tadpoles as small as this before.

The tadpoles are growing bigger and are very active now, resting on rocks and stones when the sun comes out. I’ve seen some frogs hanging around the pond at dusk, naturally, as soon as I approach they dive into the pond.

Pond snails are laying eggs in the weed and on rocks, there’s a mixture of Ramshorn Snail and Great Pond Snail in our pond.

Great Pond Snail moving along the surface of the water

What have you spotted in your pond recently?

11 thoughts on “Pond Life

  1. A very difficult subject to take pix of and you have done it excellently. All our taddies have hatched now and are enjoying a bit of sunshine today.


  2. Forgot to look in our pond when I dashed out during a lull in the downpour. It’s rather murky with pondweed, but we did have a lot of tadpoles recently. Now the pond has filled up they might be safer from the crows, magpies and foxes if they have survived thus far. Hubby wants to redo it in the Winter as the foxes have made holes in the liner, so that it leaks.


  3. My new pond has yet to be discovered by any wildlife. I check everyday but apart from some dead worms, woodlice and other creatures which couldn’t swim my pond seems more of a death trap than teeming with life! I’m sure once things warm up a bit and the plants become more established something will want to take up residence ….well hopefully. Great photos by the way.


  4. We don’t actually have a pond; we have a “brook” formed by the runoff from our neighbor’s pond. There are wetlands on both sides of the brook where spring peepers started calling in late March and still do in the evening. The tadpoles are tree frogs now and have migrated upland.


  5. Love the photographs, especially the photos of the eggs. I remember being fascinated with tadpole eggs as a child. Their jelly consistency and bubbly appearance was intriguing.


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