Pretty Primula

I don’t feel as if I’ve had a chance to really enjoy the spring bulb and fruit blossom display. Daffodils finished a while ago after flowering earlier than usual, the tulips put on a bit of a poor show this year (the few blooms we did have now spoilt by yesterdays heavy downpour and high wind). In the main, blustery and miserable weather ruined most of the pretty fruit blossom here, scattering pink and white petals everywhere against an angry slate grey sky. I feel a bit cheated.

However today is gorgeous, warm and sunny (hoorah!) and there’s still a splash of colour to be seen in the garden thanks to the Primula. Sheltered from the worst of the weather by the established shrubs their blooms were spared the onslaught of yesterday. Because of this, I’ve paid attention to these tiny little plants more than I usually do, appreciating their presence although they’re not really ‘my thing’. Our Primula were planted long before we moved here, call them old fashioned if you like I’d forgotten how pretty and robust they can be – our chickens scratch most of them to dust by early summer but they still come back every spring.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing them again next year.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Primula

  1. Spring last year was so beautiful I think we were a bit spoilt. This year march was so warm the daffs went over more quickly and my tulips haven’t lasted long at all with the heavy rain and wind. Fortunately the blossom on my crab apple has lasted pretty well considering and is still hanging on in there. Your Primulas are a beautiful shot of colour in what has been a pretty dull and drab month.


  2. I know, it was so quick! Many of my tulips half-bloomed, then they just fell over in the harsh rain. Azaleas and columbine are coming now, and the peonies look exciting. Can’t wait!


  3. Even the old plants in our gardens can be a fun companion, as they appear hardy to return year after year, despite conditions. I consider mine the grandparents coming to visit!
    Did you see my flowers this year in my blog “flowers that bloom in the spring~fa la” D.


  4. I love the Primula and have been collecting them. I don’t have to take care of them much, but they never disappoint me.


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