Being Crafty While it Rains

The rain is back. I thought the roof of our house was going to cave in on us last night, from the sheer volume and speed of which the rain came down. I really miss my veg garden and allotment, I haven’t been able to get much done out there, or at my plot. There’s not much point trying to either, part of my veg garden has flooded with water sloshing up to the sides of some of the raised beds. Thankfully, these beds are empty of crops or seeds. Once it finally stops raining it will take a while for the soil to dry out enough for anything to go in these beds. I’m so glad I didn’t plant the potatoes there.

Once I’ve done my rounds of watering seedlings in the greenhouse, potting a few on and sowing a few seeds here and there, it leaves little for my itchy fingers to be getting on with, creatively speaking. You may be wondering why I have photos of jewellery on my blog, perhaps you thought you’d come to the wrong blog for a moment? Well, let me explain. Every now and then I get the urge or time to make something, be creative or just mellow in the art of being crafty. Making things by hand is a wonderful hobby. Yes, I actually do something other than gardening and collecting chicken eggs from coops (although there hasn’t been much of either happening lately).

Weather like this is perfect for staying indoors, warm and dry with beads, jewellery making tools and lots of ideas floating around in my mind.

I love beads, crystals, buttons and craft wire.

Sometimes, I love to make things.

But I love gardening more!

14 thoughts on “Being Crafty While it Rains

  1. Gorgeous! I love beading too, haven’t done it in a while you’ve inspired me to root out my tools and make something now :)


  2. I think my favourite is the purple bracelet 2nd from the bottom, very beautiful. I tend to crochet in the evening, weaving colours into a blanket is an easy way to relax. This rain has provided me with a good opportunity to sort out my balcony – I’ve painted the brick wall (to throw more light around), erected one of those funny plastic greenhouses for my seedlings and managed to squish it on there and now I’m onto making a seaside mirror to go behind the herbs (glueing shells and driftwood onto an old Ikea mirror) – I’m rather enjoying all this rain! – but not looking forward to the amount of weeding waiting for me when the veg garden dries out!


  3. I like the BLING, Karen! It’s been raining all day here. Luckily, my plot is on a slope, so all the rain will run off. Terrible waste of water though!


  4. I love the little leaf pendant – a pair of those as earring would be cute! – and the work you’re doing with soft wire is beautiful.


  5. Stunning jewellery, your wirework is fab and you have outstanding photos, wish I could be as good behind a lens. I love the colours you have used in all your jewellery.


  6. Thank you very much! Coming from someone as talented as yourself that’s a real compliment!


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