Fit to Burst

I was and still am fit to burst with pride to see my little blog, a place where I share my passion for growing food, wildlife, living an organic way of life and looking after chickens, up there, featured on the Freshly Pressed page. Wow! Thank you to all my new followers, those who stopped by and liked my post and those who left a comment or two. I tried my best to keep up (I really did), I still can’t quite believe my stats page!

Speaking of being ‘fit to burst’ this is the bridge into our sleepy village. I took this photo one summer, tall reeds dominated the slow flowing river and all was calm:

I ventured down to the bridge yesterday. The water levels are dangerously high due to recent weather, more heavy rain forecast for tonight and I suspect the river will rise again, flooding the bridge at the top, just out of sight of the photo. The river has already burst its banks, swallowing up parts of the river walk near the church. The bridge will probably be closed by morning. Oh dear!

18 thoughts on “Fit to Burst

  1. Congrats! Isn’t it so exciting when you get a huge spike in your stats? Are you checking them like every hour? I was when I had my spike last month lol

    Your blog is brilliant and your pictures are amazing so im sure it’ll not be the last time they feature you :)


  2. Hey………well done indeed it’s a great achievement. I too was featured a while back on another blog I have and it certainly is a great feeling isn’t it.

    I also think someone has been busy with the a new theme and header picture? Eh? Or am I totally wrong?

    Keep up the great Karen, I love reading your posts and must make an effort to comment more regularly!


  3. Karen, congratulation on your well deserved recognition – your pictures and text deserve a wide audience! That photo of the water levels by the bridge is a bit scary – hope you all stay above the deluge. Time the summer arrived, I think! x


  4. Thank you, Caro. The forecast was right, it rained even more last night, very heavy too. The bridge will probably be closed at some point today, making it very difficult for the villagers and no doubt the farmers.


  5. Oh I didn’t realise that, congrats! Another person with more than one blog – I have another for my allotment.I changed the theme a little while ago, this one seems to show the photos better.


  6. Yeah I have another blog, much larger than the growing one but again I’ve neglected that as well. You wouldn’t be interested in that one though, it’s a ‘gaming’ blog ;)


  7. About time, too. I’m surprised they’ve taken so long to appreciate the merits of your blog, although I must admit I seem to have missed that post myself.

    Our river is pretty full at present, too, you’d have thought it would be possible to drew some of the water off our full and over-flowing rivers to avoid flooding and ameliorate the drought conditions, wouldn’t you?

    Lovely, photos as ever. You clearly have a good camera and a good eye.


  8. A well deserved mention. I never look at the Freshly Pressed page but on reflection wonder if that would account for an unaccountable stats spike that I had one day some time back. xx


  9. Hi Karen. Just discovered your blog and love it. My brother in the UK told me you’ve had the wettest April on record. We’re in autumn over here in Brisbane, had plenty of rain lately but the ground is drying out. This is our best growing season after the heat of the summer and I am really enjoying getting out in my allotment and sewing new seeds and plants. Looking forward to keeping in touch with your gardening adventures.


  10. Hi, thank you for your lovely comment. Yes it has been awful here with 3 weeks of heavy rain and sometimes hail storms. Gardening has been difficult and I’m behind on seed sowing, the weeds are growing well though! I managed a visit to my allotment today to do some much needed weeding, it wasn’t a bad day considering but the hail did come down again.

    Keep enjoying your allotment, oh to have some dry areas in the garden!


  11. Thanks, Mark & Gaz! The river level is higher but so far the bridge remains open. More rain again and the forecast for Thursday looks awful :/


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