Introducing the New Hens

I thought I’d share some photos of the new hens, taken when they first arrived almost 2 weeks ago. First up is Ginny, a Speckledy hybrid hen bred from a Maran. She’s very sweet and easy to catch, she quite likes to be picked up and handled and eats from my hand etc. She should lay brown eggs.

Then we have Fleur, a pure white hen called a Coral, when she begins to lay her eggs should be pure white. Since this photo was taken her comb has grown considerably, she’s taking more notice of the nesting boxes so perhaps her first egg will come soon. Being very skittish I can’t get near her just yet, however, she appears to be top hen of the younger girls.

Next up is Hermione, a Columbine hybrid bred from a Cream Legbar. I love the pattern and colours of this hen, and of course her funny hair do! There’s an 80% chance of her laying blue or green eggs, otherwise I can expect a range of pastel shades. Again, very skittish and nervous of me, I can’t get near her yet. She’s very sweet and appears to be the bottom hen now that Myrtle’s (bluebelle) no longer part of the flock.

Myrtle is a bluebell hybrid bred from a Maran and Rhode Island Red. She’s very docile and friendly and when she begins laying I can expect brown eggs, sometimes with a ‘plum blush’. She hasn’t been very well recently, fingers crossed she seems to be making a good recovery.

I can’t leave Emily out, here she is with her magnificent comb!

The eagle-eyed amongst you would have noticed a theme with my new hens names, let’s see if anyone can guess. EDIT:  Fleur laid her first egg a couple of hours ago, a pure white little egg!

23 thoughts on “Introducing the New Hens

  1. Hi, I’ve just started following your blog as we’re looking into getting hens ourselves for the first time. We’ve been considering various themes for hen names – inc the one you’ve gone for :)


  2. It’s a Harry Potter hen party! Enjoyed the photos and your description of where each of them fits in the pecking order.


  3. We have all “what Katie did” themed hen names. With our homebred (unsure of sex as yet) hens, we have discovered all names that are officially unisex such as Marion, Lindsey, Vivian, Rowan, etc! We also have 8 baby rabbits which the kids are busy naming, prematurely. Our wealth of unisex names is almost exhausted.
    How is the Myrtle integration going?


  4. I had no idea eggs came in pastels and so forth! I figured it was just brown and white, since that’s all I’ve ever seen at stores or farmers’ markets. From your post, it seems like the different breeds lay different colors, so you can kind of predict by breed? So interesting.


  5. Great to meet your new hens. Now you mention it Smokie’s eggs are often slightly pinkish, I guess ‘plum blush’ sounds better, but they are basically brown.

    I’ve not heard of a Coral before. I see she has very pale ears, unlike our Light Sussex who had red ears and laid brown eggs, one more pinkish (or should that be plum) than the other.


  6. Karin, the Coral is lovely but so very skittish, a complete live wire. I bought a new cat litter tray in bright red, every evening I put sweetcorn and mealworms in it and give it to the girls. They’ve soon realised that when they see the bright red tray good things are coming. My plan is (it has worked before in the past) to use this tray when I need to get the hens back inside the enclosures from free ranging, they follow me when I’m holding it. There’s no way I could get the Coral or Columbine back in otherwise!


  7. I shout “chooook , chooook ” and rattle the corn in the bucket to get their attention!


  8. Love the Harry Potter names. Congratulations on your first egg. What are you going to makes with it? I’m so glad I found a blog with chickens so I can have a vicarious experience.


  9. The red tray sounds like a good idea, although it’s hard to find a simple, non-lidded cat litter tray around here. I sprinkle some worms in their run when they aren’t keen on going back in and it works a treat.


  10. Good idea regarding the worms although it probably wouldn’t work with my girls at the moment!


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