Prickly Peas and Carrots

This year I’ve had a real problem with mice digging up and eating my pea seed, also snails and slugs eating my carrot seedlings. Thanks to my slimy and furry foe I’ve had 3 long rows of carrots wiped out and endless amounts of pea seeds.

I’ve started the carrots again, carefully placing clippings from our holly tree around the rows. I switched from direct sowing of peas to sowing in modules (I must get on the guttering train), along with purple and green mangetout in the greenhouse. I planted out a tray of Shiraz mangetout last weekend, placing lots of holly clippings around the base of each seedling.

Hopefully the prickly holly will protect my peas and emerging carrots.


  1. Better luck this time! I don’t grow peas, and have just re-sown carrot seed in two containers as I think that the first lot got washed away in a heavy downpour a couple of weeks back. xx

  2. I have carrot plants but right now they are still inside. Its my first time growing them. You guys are scaring me! What should i do to keep them away? I dont know how to get holly.

  3. I don’t usually have any probems growing carrots, however, last month we had prolonged wet weather and I believe this is the cause of the increase in slug and snail attack. Mice, well, I live near to a farm in a rural area so it goes without saying! I’m sure yours will be fine, try crushed egg shells sprinkled around your plants if you do have a problem with slugs etc.

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