Why You Shouldn’t Get Up Close to a Dustbathing Hen

Myrtle my bluebelle hen is feeling and looking much better, she’s now living with the old ex battery hens and things are going well. Due to her docile nature, I believe this is for the best.

She has taken to dustbathing in the empty veg beds recently and really ‘purrs’ with delight. I decided to get really close to her and take a photo close up. Trouble is, this tends to happen.


*No eyes were harmed by taking this photo, thanks to my camera*

6 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Get Up Close to a Dustbathing Hen

  1. Giving the chickens some yoghurt tonight and peering in to look at Amber who seems a bit off colour, I remembered it’s not wise to get too close to chickens eating yoghurt, unless you want to shower in it!


  2. Really nice abstract image of the flying dust! Lots of movement caught there! I’ll have to remember to keep my distance in the future : )


  3. This one really hit a chord, my Bella (Bluebell) is a dust and sun bathing addict so it must be one of their traits and the noise she makes as you say purring with delight – never fails to make me stop and smile at their simple enjoyment.


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