Goodbye Old Girls

It has been a tough old ride with my chickens lately. Yesterday morning I opened one of the coops and discovered Dot, one of my old ex battery hens had died suddenly in the night. Another of my old girls, Ethel was diagnosed with cancer a while ago. She was doing really well on supportive care but recently time had caught up with her and today she was finding her condition hard to cope with. It’s heartbreaking to see a hen literally use every muscle she has to take a breath. I believe the death of Dot worsened matters, they were literally joined at the hip. Today I took Ethel to my very supportive avian vet and allowed her to go, ending her suffering.

Goodbye old girls x

11 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Girls

  1. i’m so sorry for your losses of late. i have a tear in my eye because i understand how you must feel. x


  2. I am so sorry for your loss of Dot and Ethel.I know your heart must be heavy.Hopefully remembering what a good life you gave them will bring you some comfort..


  3. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but you gave them a wonderful life that they wouldn’t have otherwise had.


  4. Oh dear, Karen, you really are having a bad time of it where the chickens are concerned. How many ex-bats do you have left? You’ve given them all a new lease of life, but as battery hens they’ve all had a rough start in life. It’s remarkable any of them have lasted as long as they have, considering, and that’s all down to your tlc, but I know, that’s what makes it all the harder to lose them, too. I hope your new chickens are a consolation to you and that they will all have long and uncomplicated lives.


  5. Thank you everyone. Karin, I have 2 old ex battery hens left, 1 lives with my bluebelle hen and the other with my others hybrids. I have my name down for 2 hens from a rescue happening in July, these hens will be from the new ‘enriched’ cage system. Still a cage and still barbaric. I will spoil them of course! It feels like the right thing to do x


  6. Sweet Ethel filled out beautifully and got more than two great years of life that she wouldn’t have had without you. She kept her sweet face too ~:>
    You’re a very special lady, Karen. Wish I had a neighbor like you. None of mine do much in the way of gardening and none have chickens. Maybe I need to move!


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