I’ve decided to give a home to another pair of rescue hens, recent events spurred me on to make contact with Little Hen Rescue again, to put my name down for their next rescue which is happening on 7th July. This rescue is for hens currently in the new ‘enriched’ cage system, barren battery cages were changed over to the new enriched cage system earlier this year – call them what you like but to me an animal in a cage is still barbaric, scratch pad and a bit of nesting material or not.

The birds are approximately 18 months old and up for slaughter unless homes can be found. I will be bringing home two ladies from the Cambridge collection point on 8th July, it has been a few years since I collected rescue hens and I’m super excited for the life they will have here.

To keep up to date with forthcoming rescues, please take a look at the collection and rescue dates via the Little Hen Rescue website

Collection from Norwich and Cambridge with an occasional collection point in Essex. If you would like to give a home to some deserving hens, email to express your interest and book a time with the co-ordinator via the website here:

If you would like to learn more about enriched cages, watch this video filmed inside a farm operating these cages in the UK. I will warn you, it will probably make your heart bleed.

5 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Good for you…I read about the conditions for chickens in the book,”Veganist” it made me sick.


  2. Seeing any animal in a cage is heart-breaking. Good for you that you let a few of them live “the good life.” I’m getting chickens as soon as we get a coop built and I must begin my search for rescue hens in my region.


  3. “Chick, chick, chick, chick chicken, lay a little egg for me”…. (but only if you’re happy about it, and not in a cage)! :-) x


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