Great Weather for Frogs

There hasn’t been much going on in the vegetable garden lately, persistent heavy rain and gusty winds constantly prevent any real activity from happening. The greenhouse is heaving with plants crying out to be planted out, I’ve yet to sow a bean seed, carrots are just a disaster and I’ve just about given up trying to keep the summer raspberry canes tied in to their support, they’re trailing on the ground again and that’s where they’re probably safe to be honest. More high winds are set to batter our region this weekend.

Aside from letting the hens out early in the morning, some days I haven’t bothered to venture outside for fear of a tree landing on my head. Our neighbour suffered substantial damage to her fence and garden when a huge tree came down, the noise and destruction was horrific but luckily nobody was hurt. But, there’s some good news with all this wet weather we’re having; potatoes, strawberries and onions are thriving, the lawn is looking the best it ever has and lots of small frogs are regularly visiting the wildlife pond, and being quite brazen about it too.

I don’t miss all the watering this time of year usually requires, but, please, a break from the wet and wild weather would be nice. I’m starting to lose enthusiasm.

10 thoughts on “Great Weather for Frogs

  1. I know exactly what you mean Karen – with the weather being what it is – I can only seem to manage snatched moments and because results aren’t what I would hope at this time of year it hardly seems worthwhile bothering.


  2. This year is the first year I’ve tried growing anything other than tomatoes. I thought I was being really clever growing some beans indoors in pots and getting them really established before planting outside, only to find that the constant rain and wind this month has absolutely decimated them. I feel your pain on the carrot front too. My onions and spuds, on the other hand, are loving the weather. Win some, lose some, it seems.


  3. I too have tried for the first time to grow onions, peas. beans, beetroot and other stuff in the ground for the first time. They are suffering from a lack of warmth and sunlight and no progress can be seen. As for the tatties that went in first, I cannot even get out in the garden for long enough to earth them up….. When I look back at the precious time I spent digging and planting the veggies when the weather was ok when I should have been weeding the flower borders I could cry. The result of my efforts in the veggie plot has allowed the weeds in the rest of the garden to grow to 4 feet high and there is even have black fly on the thistles. I have also never seen so many snails they are everywhere…… but I am just whinging now.


  4. Woe is me… I picked an onion today because it seemed a little soft and when I got it home it was rotting inside. Disaster!!


  5. I’ve suffered losses too, it can be really hard to keep going some days. I’ve accepted that there are going to be some things that I’m just not going to grow this year…


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