6 thoughts on “A Rare Moment of Sunshine

  1. Wow – just look at them, they really seem to be loving the sun don’t they. I bet they were thinking ‘we could get used to this’ ;)


  2. We had a smidgeon of sun here today – I swiftly popped my chillies out into a pool of sunshine on my balcony then, within the hour, had to bring them back again! Now raining again, no surprise there!


  3. One of them loves the sunshine, the other doesn’t quite know what to make of it. In time she will, at the moment she’s still stuck in her routine of her previous life :/


  4. Ours are still learning how to keep out of the rain … after a week, I think they may have it sussed now?!


  5. Ahh, I just love this! Doesn’t she just look in heaven? Can you imagine what it would feel like to feel sunshine for the first time in your life when you were an adult? Wow!


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