Big Butterfly Count 2012

As you look upon your soggy vegetable beds with pity, spare a thought for our struggling butterflies and moths too. I’m sure you didn’t need me to point out the distinct lack of them this year, it’s a real concern, our native species are already in trouble. With your input the charity Butterfly Conservation can keep a really close eye on how our butterflies and moths are faring this year.

Pop over to the Big Butterfly Count to find out how you can help:

5 thoughts on “Big Butterfly Count 2012

  1. Good idea, Karen. Our butterflies on the farm were plentiful this spring, then disappeared for awhile (laying eggs, maybe?), then reappeared in the last few days. We have lots of wildflowers here for them, but I don’t know about their numbers overall throughout our region.


  2. I was reading about the butterfly count this morning. I saw a few different ones at the allotment this weekend. Next sunny(ish) day, I’ll be giving it a go.


  3. I haven’t seen ANY butterflies this year and only just beginning to see a few honeybees. It’s time for me to start putting in a lot more beneficial plants and hopefully we’ll see more next year.


  4. Having been away for the last two weeks I missed this, but I just got a form in the post with my RSPB magazine, so I’m hoping for a sunny day before the weekend so I can do this.


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