Opposite Sides of the Bed

I’ve not had much luck growing carrots this year (thanks slugs), the last time I counted I had six carrot seedlings to show for my efforts. The larger seedlings may even end up on a plate but I won’t hold my breath. I tend to grow carrots on one side of a very long raised bed with parsnip on the other side, as pathetic as my carrots may look, my parsnip are doing great.

Are you doing any better growing carrots this year?


  1. No. !
    But my parsnips are doing well.

    Have just done the 4th sowing of carot seed. Hope it will survive THIS TIME!!!

  2. Our carrots are doing really well this year (we’re in Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Here’s a photo of the veggie garden from about 10 days ago:

    Coincidentally, we also have parsnips (and beets) in one of the beds where we planted carrots! Our kids thinned the carrots a couple of days ago and they were so small they were barely worth cleaning, but since they picked them, they wanted to eat them!

    Our cabbage isn’t doing particularly well and the raspberries we planted in June are also struggling a bit, but overall things are looking pretty good.

    BTW, I really appreciate your monthly “to do” lists. I take a pretty haphazard approach to gardening and your lists always prompt me to attend to a couple of gardening things that I otherwise probably wouldn’t think of.

  3. I have given up growing carrots in an open bed and just grow them now in containers.
    This method has been really successful and the carrots are long and straight rather than the curly specimens I used to have when in the ground. This year they have been particularly good in spite of a large slug population

  4. Up until this year I’d never had a problem, I used to grow carrots in containers and it really does work well, being able to give them light soil and deep growing depth works wonders. Mary, I might sow some in a container today!

  5. Totally hopeless on the carrot front this year. I think I’ve got 4 in total. A combination of the awfully wet weather and slug attack. Parsnips and potatoes have done really well though!

  6. Ooh I did slightly better with carrots than you, Jules! My second earlies suffered blight but the tubers are OK. Main crop are doing really well though!

  7. The Sarah Raven Team – Thank you, I’m pleased with how they’re coming along. Shame about the carrots!

  8. Our carrots are doing alright this year, but we find worms in them pretty regularly. I like the look of those parsnips — none in our garden this year, and I miss being able to look forward to them.

  9. I never have much luck with carrots and this year no luck at all. I’ve sown several lots in containers and the ground all to no avail. I might not even try next year! xx

  10. Oh dear, Flighty! At least they’re not expensive to buy, good excuse to sow something else that costs a fortune in the shops. If you do try again, try a variety called Autumn King (if you haven’t already), I normally do very well with them and funnily enough I didn’t sow them this year. Time to raid my seed box, I’d settle for thinnings for salads!

  11. Garden Correspondent – well done on growing some carrots this year, a lot of gardeners are saying the same, poor show on the carrots but mainly down to slug damage (although I did have problems with wet soil too).

    I always try to leave space for parsnip, they’re usually tough as old boots and grow away happily without any attention from me. As you say, something to look forward to, especially when little else is around. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. I have had a few, but many didn’t show. I have been wondering whether it’s anything to do with the network of ants’ nests underneath, especially because all the successful carrots are at the non-ant end, and there is nothing at all at the anty end, but it could just as well be the same reason as everybody else: the weather and the slugs.

  13. I did two varieties a while back, ‘Resistafly’ and ‘Sugarnax’ One has done amazingly well and the other not so much. Can I remember which row is which? Nope.

  14. I stuck with Resistafly this year, rubbish as you can see but my allotment carrots are doing OK.

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