Chickens in the Garden

It’s been a while since I posted some photos of the hybrid hens, these were taken last month. Emily and Poppy, the old ex-battery hens make an appearance too.

Our Speckledy hen lays dark brown eggs. She’s lovely and very placid unlike the white Coral hen, she’s a lunatic!

Myrtle the Bluebell hen loves hanging out in the herb patch, it’s her favourite place to have a dust bath.

Emily, our old ex-battery hen has taken quite a shine to our Coral hen, Fleur. As you can see, Emily is a big old bird!

Hermione and her fabulous ‘hair’!

Myrtle hanging out in the herb patch again, we gave her the correct name!

Each hen lays a different coloured egg which makes it really easy to tell who laid each morning, this can be useful sometimes. I was hoping our Skyline hen would lay blue or green eggs, turns out she lays pastel colours instead but they’re still pretty!

19 thoughts on “Chickens in the Garden

  1. I love seeing hens round the garden … we have ten now, so too many to let loose since they’d wreck the place, but your pics are lovely x


  2. It’s nice to see them get along so happily – how are your newest battery hens? By the way, I’d love to see the different coloured eggs!


  3. Such pretty hens! I wish I could see pics of the hens w their respective egg colors. I do not have chickens but did as a kid. We had barred Banty hens & a rooster but the neighbors huskies got loose and snacked on them – twice! No more chickens.

    Love your chicken love. :)


  4. Hi Aniko, the new girls are doing great! They’re so sweet and follow me everywhere.Thanks for asking about them.


  5. Sorry to hear that, Denise. I have two German Shepherd dogs, they are sound with the hens in the enclosures but I would never trust them with the hens free ranging.


  6. What beautiful photos Karen. One of my first ex-bat hens was called Myrtle – so she certainly wasn’t as elegant as yours.


  7. what attractive chicken’s. the grey one looks like a painting already with all her feathers defined. I might mist have to paint her.


  8. Lovely blog – your hens look very healthy and content. As for butterflies, yes def give them a go – I am a beginner, but thus far it has been very rewarding. There have been a few casulties along the way, and I am not sure why this happens – nature’s intent I guess. Today I have Comma butterflies emerging, and I cant tell you how exciting that is!


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