Beautiful Poppy

I wish this post was about beautiful red poppies, just like the ones currently growing in the wildflower area of my veg garden. Sadly, this post is about the loss of my beautiful hen, Poppy. She had a heart attack yesterday, it was all very quick and a huge shock.

Rescued in 2009 from a battery farm, she came here as a tiny bald hen. Her feathers started to grow back, the colour returned to her once pale face and she grew in confidence. I watched, as she blossomed into one of the most beautiful hens I’ve ever cared for. Recently she bonded well with my bluebell hen, Myrtle. Typical of her calm nature.

Poppy helping herself to the brassica in the veg garden

I shall miss her terribly and I’m sure Myrtle will too.

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Poppy

  1. I’m so sorry! But also so grateful that poppy had the good years that she did with you. We have all too many losses when we choose to share our lives with animals and birds, but I can’t imagine doing otherwise.


  2. Heart attack? That’s would be very unusual in a chicken.
    Anyway, good for you, taking her in and giving her the kind of home all our hens deserve! I will tell my girls to have a moment of silence for their sister-in-feathers, Poppy.


  3. Oh dear. I am so sorry. But what a life you gave her.
    These rare friendships forged by hens are so beautiful to watch. Myrtle will do okay. Chickens are able to adjust. It’s we humans who have a hard time saying goodbye.


  4. Awww poor little poppy… She will have had some lovely times with you. My Mum’s cat is called poppy, and I have a fondness for all poppies xx


  5. Yes, she had a heart attack, I have heard of this happening before from somebody else. Ex battery hens are not bred to be robust, but hopefully this is rare because it’s horrific to witness as you can probably imagine.


  6. Horrified by the before pics of this little hen and so good to know that she had a wonderful healthy life for 3 years- you did a great job!


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