15 thoughts on “Fistful of Carrots

  1. I’m impressed with any produce…which is 100% more than I’ve got! After 2 years of blight in the polytunnel I gave up with tomatoes and have got dahlias – totally useless as a food source but very pretty.


  2. We’ve been working on our garden beds all summer and deer-proofing it with low tunnels. Just about ready to put in fall crops, primarily arugula, kale, and spinach. I planted tomatoes, basil, and salad greens in containers, which all did well despite all the rain because I could shift around the pots to get them out of the downpours.


  3. I did much worse as several sowings resulted in absolutely none! Our site also suffers badly with carrot fly so I never do very good with them and may well not bother at all next year. xx


  4. Six attempts at sowing multiple rows, new seed, new places – ONE tiny carrot.

    Those in pots in the polytunnel, not much better so I think it has just been a rubbish year for all sorts of stuff.

    My climbing french beans are going well, now – but we had 5 C here last night – so I guess the next thing will be frost damage?


  5. We’ve done quite well with carrots. The first lot didn’t germinate brilliantly, but our second autumn crop was fantastic. I hope we get a decent late season crop before the weather gets truly dreadful…


  6. Got a nice bunch of carrots picked in the afternoon for dinner tonight, not sure how many more of decent size to come – I made a mistake and left them planted too close together to grow properly – so I have learned something for next year! Also planted garlic – which have grown into shallots – garden centre must have labelled them wrongly! Cauliflower, radishes completely ruined by bugs, and only one broccoli floret. Lettuce (little gem) did well though. Thinking ahead to next year now, and will I or won’t i??


  7. Our carrot harvest started out well. The first, early, planting was plentiful though tiny (I felt mean thinning the seedlings, the tinyness of the resulting crop convinced me to harden up though!), the second & third crops were riddled with rust and carrot fly larvae – I do NOT like wiggly things in my food, yuck!
    Some varieties were worse than others so will be buying seed of the least-affected varieties this summer, and co-planting with scorzonera which is supposed to confuse the carrot fly.


  8. Bolted onions, rotted onions,undersized beetroot, bolting radish (who fails with Radish of all things!) and yes, my carrots were of a similar success. I have a grand total of two runner bean plants too so hoping for a freezer full….maybe not.


  9. We have had good carrot weather here in Canada, hot and dry, have been doing lots of watering. Hope you enjoyed your carrots… Felt the same way about my single melon! :)


  10. after going back to gardening after a leave of a few years I was surprised at how my enthusiasm and attention to it (that and the unbearable weeks of 100 degree weather) really put the kibosh on a lot of plans. My tomatoes ( I only got 5 errr 6) and then fell to the fate of blossom drop (all three plants!) My squash & pumpkin 0 fruit and same fate as tomatoes…the place where I really exceeded was leafy greens (save spinach) my Mesclun, Kale and butter all continue to give me great meals, my Kale has been replacing every pinched leaf promptly. I just planted carrots, beets, radish and more tomatoes (from seed). I know it’s kinda late in the season but I live in Los Angeles and I’d say this year the season’s just beginning…


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