Christmas Parsnips

digging up parsnips

I do love parsnips with my Christmas dinner, for me, it’s just not the same without them. The growing year wasn’t a successful one overall and despite germination setbacks due to cold, wet soils, once again my parsnips haven’t let me down. My spade and fork are at the ready, I can almost taste their sweet, earthy flavour already. Yum!


10 thoughts on “Christmas Parsnips

  1. They look good. Enjoy. We’re buying ours as we didn’t even get round to sowing the seed. It looks like they did better than your carrots.


  2. We did really well with carrots at our allotment, Karin. Wild rabbits took the tops (allotment rabbit proof fencing obviously an epic fail this year) but the roots are perfect. Sadly, carrots were pretty much a failure in the garden, can’t win them all I suppose.


  3. Those parsnips look amazing. We’ll be enjoying homegrown ones as well for lunch on the 25th. Roasted with a drizzle of maple syrup – yum!


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