My Vintage Sussex Trug

vintage sussex trug

I’ve been at it again, buying old bits and pieces, adding to my vintage gardening treasure trove. I bought this lovely old Sussex trug recently, using Christmas gift money given to me by my even lovelier Nan.

sussex trug

I’ve wanted an old Sussex trug, like, forever! I couldn’t think of anything better to spend the money on because every time I use it I will think of my beautiful Nan.

Thank you Nan and Julie at Ember Gate.

10 thoughts on “My Vintage Sussex Trug

  1. Thank you Jo Ann, I love pulling all my tools out and admiring them. I can imagine cut flowers in my trug already. Roll on summer!


  2. I love these truggs too – even the word is soothing, and magical isn’t it? I saw a lot of these and other handwoven baskets at the VW campervan show at Malvern thislast summer. I would have bought loads but then I don’t even have a vegetable garden yet!


  3. What great shots, and a beautiful sentiment. I am glad you invested your money in something that brings great memories – money not wasted at all! :)


  4. My Mum’s been using a Sussex Trug like that for years too. They’re surprisingly well-designed for the job they do, despite being unchanged for generations. There aren’t many things named after Sussex, but at least the Sussex trug is a very very good thing.


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