My Handmade Jewellery

handmade bracelet

Apart from my obvious love of kitchen gardening, occasionally I like to pull out my craft stash and play around with beads, metal and wire. I adore beads and wire wrapping but I also like to work with mixed media for my creations, from beautiful Czech glass beads to rustic pearls and gemstones, ceramics, polymer clay, chain, wood, fabrics and silk, paints and inks, buttons, vintage finds and my recent found love of Vintaj brass and copper metal work.

handmade bracelet

handmade vintaj necklace

I source beads and findings from artisan owned bead shops and directly from artisans from the UK and all over the world. I’m self-taught and really enjoying where my craft journey is taking me – although I haven’t had much time to make anything of late! Someday I would love to learn to make some of my own beads, I think polymer clay would be a great place to start but for now I shall stick to expressing myself through design.

bird nest earrings

handmade butterfly necklace

mixed media handmade bracelet

boho earrings

handmade bracelet

ceramic bead bracelet

Do you craft?

27 thoughts on “My Handmade Jewellery

  1. You have made some really nice individual pieces there Karen I especially like the birds nest earrings. I only knit and do needlepoint – nothing too exotic – mainly during the winter though – there’s usually too much to do in the garden the rest of the year.


  2. Beautiful work. Your pieces masterfully bring your love of gardening into your “craft”. Thanks so much for sharing some photos.


  3. Those are all stunning, I especially love the birds nest earrings! Will keep an eye on etsy for your stuff! X


  4. Thank you, Jo Ann! I never really have anything in mind when I sit down to make jewellery but it helps to have plenty of interests elsewhere for inspiration.


  5. Thank you, The Dorset Finca. I love the bird nests too. I made bird nest pendants last summer and raised funds for one of my fave hen rescues.


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