Tidying the Greenhouse


The weather was so lovely again today, a day to be outside most definitely. We spent some time tidying and moving things into the greenhouse, sweeping, clearing moss and stacking pots and trays in the places I like them to be. It’s an old forgotten greenhouse (although the automatic ventilation still works yay!) and quite neglected over the years but not anymore, we’re the brand new owners who are looking forward to spending lots of time using and loving it again. Every greenhouse deserves to be loved!

It still needs a good clean and clean it we will.


The concrete base is in good order and generous in size to accommodate the adjoining rendered shed/outbuilding, this unused space is perfect for growing crops just outside the greenhouse door in containers, such as carrots, salad and radish. The adjoining wall of the outbuilding is currently bare (and a bit ugly too), the perfect spot in which to train my pot grown Tayberry on wires to prettify and soften.


I’m just full of ideas at the moment!

16 thoughts on “Tidying the Greenhouse

  1. Very envious of your greenhouse – I’m keen to get a secondhand one so I can grow tomatoes, peppers etc but I think it’s move onto next year’s wish list. Tayberries growing up the wall sounds lovely. I couldn’t resist getting out in sunshine yesterday too – it’s so exciting planning what to plant at this time of year isn’t it.


  2. I also love my greenhouse…although it’ll never be one of those fab stylish ones I ‘m drooling over in English garden magazines or on the Chelsea Flower Show, BUT it’s a great place to potter around.I’m actually going out there now to pot up my spring displays…it’s raining and that’s a good day to be in there with the gentle drip-drip on the roof and the cosy atmosphere.


  3. It’s a tatty old thing but strangely I love it more than our previous brand new one, perhaps because some years have passed since it was used for what it was intended, it’s more spacious too which I love. A few broken panes and moss add to the character. I agree this time of year is a very exciting time!


  4. They are great to potter about in with a mug of tea, dreaming of picking fresh produce in summer.
    I love the sound of the rain on the roof too. I have lots of pots and troughs (left over from the previous owner) to sort through today and store in the shed next door to create more space in the greenhouse, the spider webs tell me I’m in for an eight-legged surprise……..*shudder*


  5. Looks like a really good size greenhouse, and very useful to have the extra hard standing. So much potential! I inherited a tatty greenhouse when we moved too, rather magical to have the extra space. Hard to beat pootling away in the greenhouse listening to the patter of rain on the roof. Enjoy!


  6. What joy to have a greenhouse to potter in and somewhere to nurture your little seedlings. It’s something that I would love – not least because it would get my seedlings off the windowsills indoors!


  7. Hi. I have had my allotment a whole 6 days now, so new to all this (and blogging) and love reading everyones pages.

    I have a question. In your first pic of your greenhouse at the top, on the left hand side in a tub is some dead branch things (excuse my lingo, I told you I was new, lol) … what are these? I have seen them in some of the greenhouse and plots of my neighbours but they’ve not been around to ask, I’m just curious. Thanks


  8. Hello back Plotters! The dead looking things I think you’re referring to are strawberry runners (baby strawberry plants) that we potted up at the end of last year from our previous strawberry patch saving us money (we moved house in January).

    We’re currently planning our new vegetable garden and once it’s up and running we will plant the runners into the ground. Strawberry plants do look kind of dead and scruffy at this time of year!

    If you’re not sure how to save runners from strawberries take a look at our blog post https://thegardensmallholder.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/strawberry-runners/

    Best of luck with your new allotment, they’re great fun and so rewarding.


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