Allotment Garlic

planting garlic

I popped to the allotment plot early this morning and was pleased to see the garlic growing well, just one clove failed to sprout which is great considering it was left unchecked until now due to being busy with a house move. Hard frost the year before forced our garlic cloves out of the ground and we had to replant the lot. I was worried the same may happen again and had visions of garlic cloves sitting on top of the soil!

garlic in march

We still have around 30 bulbs left from last summers harvest to munch our way through, they’re hanging in our garden greenhouse on wires. I think a few bulbs will be heading to our neighbour the next time we give him a box of eggs from our hens! Do you have an allotment? If so what are your growing plans this year?

I really want to grow a successful pumpkin at our plot this year!

19 thoughts on “Allotment Garlic

  1. I don’t have an allotment, but just a garden in my backyard. Your garlic looks wonderful! I meant to plant that with onions a couple months ago, but cilantro volunteered taking up an entire 4X8ft bed. I just haven’t had the heart to rip it all out, so we have a massive surplus of cilantro right now.

    But I still plan to plant garlic and more onions. Also, will do a few pumpkins, too, but I normally plant those seeds on Mothers Day in May. They are ripe just in time for October. Last year we had six good size pumpkins (for carving and eating), the year before had one enormous one. Other things I’ll plant this spring include: potatoes (in a tower with hay), pole beans and sweet pea flowers (just planted those seeds in cups last weekend), radishes, various lettuces, more strawberries, carrots probably, and some other summer coastal veggies. Fun! Look forward to watching your garden grow.


  2. Good luck with your garlic Kim!
    Jaekstrom, we’re lucky to have both but our new garden veg patch is still in the planning stage at the moment – so happy to have the allotment to keep my itchy fingers busy! The weather in the UK was awful last year, the pumpkins suffered along with everything else but I’m ever hopeful for a better year. Good luck with your growing year!


  3. Wow, what a lot of garlic! Looking so healthy too :) I have tons of plans for my allotment this year and hoping to put in some serious quality time there this weekend. I too really want a successful big pumpkin this year too! I grew a tiny one last year but my big pumpkin and squash failed miserably.


  4. Pleased to say my garlic much further north is doing about the same as yours, and note you same tendency for extremely neat planting :) I have a large garden, but the veg garden and tunnel are a bit like a separate entity, much like an allotment to cocoon plants from wind and deer in raised beds. I’ve never tried pumpkin due to the climate and short season here, but always tempted …..


  5. I managed to grow a decent size pumpkin once, I admit to pretty much ignoring the plants and letting them get on with it in a ‘scrappy’ corner of my previous garden. Perhaps I should stop all the fussing and try this method again!


  6. As I’m gardening in France with lovely, long, hot summers I will definitely try aubergines this year, also tomatoes, chili peppers, courgette, fennel, different lettuce varietes, herbs…
    We’ve planted lots of soft fruit and I’m looking forward to see how they’re doing. Yesterday I planted out the first lettuce. Onions are already starting to show…


  7. I have some garlic to plant late (this weekend hopefully) in a newly cleared patch of garden. I’ve heard it’s good to ‘cleanse’ a garden too – do you have any ideas on this? Do you manage to save enough cloves to replant each year or do you buy fresh? I always think it would be lovely to be self-sustaining in garlic (!) but we always manage to eat more than we grow.


  8. We have grown our own strain of garlic before, the bulbs we’re currently using for cooking are our own strain. This growing season we bought fresh because we had a problem with rust at our allotment (we had a terribly wet summer last year).

    Because we grow garlic at our allotment and in the garden we do have plenty to use for re-planting. I cannot remember the last time we bought shop garlic for cooking!

    I’m unsure of the term ‘cleanse’ a garden. Crop rotation perhaps?


  9. Immaculate garlic, I am thinking about growing some next year as otherwise the bed will be empty, which is such a waste. My two major targets in my new kitchen garden are a decent celeriac harvest and successful lemongrass!


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