Sowing Tomatoes and Chillies

sowing tomatoes and chillies

The first seeds of the year are tucked up in a warm light room in the house. We went for Tigerella tomatoes this year (a first for us) and Cayenne chillies which we’ve grown before and love. Tigerella tomatoes have striped skin hence their name and I’m particularly looking forward to using them in salads to add interest and colour. I have a thing for pretty salads, adding vibrant colours using edible flowers such as Viola. We’ve heard mixed reviews on the taste of Tigerella, some saying they’re bland but I guess we’ll judge that for ourselves. I have my eye on another variety of tomato called Black Krim, Seed Parade tempted me when I saw a photo of the fruits on their Facebook page. I might try Black Krim this year, if not then it’s going on my ever-growing list of things to try.

Rich is the chilli fan and head chef of our family, cooking with chillies regularly so we decided to grow as many plants as we have space for to save buying them so often. We went for Cayenne because they’re meant to be quicker to germinate than other chilli varieties (some taking up to a month or longer). Cayenne have the heat that Rich likes too, so it was an easy choice really.

Are you growing tomatoes or chillies this year?

37 thoughts on “Sowing Tomatoes and Chillies

  1. you’re well ahead of me, I wanted to get sowing this weekend but the weather put paid to that so instead it was “planning” toms are on the agenda, like you different varieties – which is something I’d rather try with any of the grow your own stuff, why buy what you can get easily in the shops? So yellow tomatoes and some lovely italian plum ones which I forget the name of. As for chilies, I succumbed at the weekend thinking how ideal they would be on the sunny “terrasse”. And then it snowed…. I am holding out for a beatiful spring and summer and reaping the rewards of my work.

  2. It’s not too late yet to start sowing…in my experience plants get so leggy and tend to flop with lack of light. Black Krim is good, had Tigerella one year but found the taste can’t keep up with good looks. We’ll also grow tomatoes, chilies etc. but will buy them as plants this year as we’re not around that often to mind the seed trays…although I’d love to. Isn’t it great to have spring on our doorstep!

  3. I’m growing the red variety Outdoor Girl and the yellow one Golden Queen on the plot. The first I’ve not tried before, the second I’ve done well with the past couple of years. I’ve been given a few Tumbling Tom Yellow seeds to try at home in pots on the windowsill .
    I don’t eat chillies so I don’t grow them. xx

  4. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan for your greenhouse underway! All of my chillies and peppers germinated last year so I was in high hopes of a bumper crop – and then we had a total lack of summer. I think I had about 3 edible chillies to show for all the hard work which didn’t offset the cost of pots, soil etc! Needless to say, this year I’m going to stick to buying chillies at the supermarket and concentrate on growing veg that loves gloomy British weather!

  5. The black tomatoes do seem to have the edge in the flavour stakes. I grew cayenne last year and had impressive crops, but I will admit they took a long time to germinate for me. hope you have more luck!

  6. Hi Karen, am so glad I finally found your Garden Blog, because I am very interested to read something about Gardening, unfortunately I only have a very small Garden which is even very dark – means has not much light because of a very big and high Fir Tree, so I decided to make myself a little “Garden” in my frontyard. I´m exited to read more posts and follow your Blog, greetings xxx

  7. Hi Karin! How lovely to see a comment from you, I hope you’re keeping well? Will you be growing veg crops, flowers or both in your frontyard? You can use containers too which is very useful when space is limited.

  8. Oh yes, am also glad I found you, was searching for your Blog since I read it as yo mentioned it in FB some time ago :) well yes I have the intention to grow some veggies and already have a couple of herbs in pots, and was considering about buying a container for some carrots and beets for example, have some seeds for different colored ones, so lovely, a bit salad and some flowers on the window sills, today I thought of Strawberries in the flying pots might be nice and useful too, and at least my beautiful Roses in pots. I also like your pics of your hens, very cute…

  9. Sounds great Karin! You can also grow peas and beans in pots, potatoes in sacks or deep tubs – car tyres even! The possibilites are endless! I’d love to keep in touch with how your growing year is going.

  10. Stll waiting for a nice day to sow Tomatoes and Chillies! We always like to grow a selection of tomatoes mainly for a pretty salad. We have got Sungold, Marmande, Tigerella, Money Maker and Gardeners Delight. We didn’t get any Chillies last year, but trying again with Jalapeno and Cheyenne. (ever hopeful of a good crop!) We grew cayenne a couple of years ago, we had a good harvest and they dried really well too.

  11. I’d decided not to grow tomatoes this year as we haven’t got a greenhouse yet and always end up with far too much green tomato chutney. But a friend is sharing her greenhouse with me so I’ve been tempted to germinate a few seeds on the windowsill, aubergines too. Now you have me enthusiastic about trying more chilli plants – my list of things to grow is getting ever longer! Love edible flowers in food too.

  12. I am apparently trying to grow enough tomato and chilli plants for the whole village – first time using jiffy pellets, so wasn’t sure how many would germinate or whether they would flourish. Think I over did it. I must do a proper audit, although I have been taking notes I have lost track of what has germinated! I do know I have three types of chilli and at least four types of tomato, plus a couple of sweet peppers. I am excusing the over abundance by reminding myself that one of my neighbours hasn’t been able to start toms or chillies this year because of illness, so I can pass some on to him. I plan to try and over winter chilli and pepper plants this year, to see if I get a bumper crop next year – and to reduce the number of seeds I sow. Will be very interested to see what you make of tigerella, and black krim if you succumb, as I thought about both of them before plumping for old know favourites (Marmande, Gardener’s Delight, Gold Nugget). I also had some free maskotka seed so figured I’d try them. And fancied a plum tomato, so have also got Rosada. And I think Alicante. Too many? Oh yes… I am going to have to get creative about where I grow them…

  13. I have one of those lists too! Good luck with your tomatoes and aubergines, they stand a better chance in the greenhouse. I tried growing aubergine years ago before I had a greenhouse, no luck with fruiting but the flowers are beautiful to look at.

  14. Wow Janet, that’s a lot of seedlings to keep happy but I know you’re more than capable! That’s lovely of you to give your neighbour plants, our neighbour will probably offer us tomato plants at some point so we may end up with other varieties in the greenhouse too, but we can do a swap to keep the numbers down. I’m interested in your plan for over-wintering chilli and pepper plants and will watch your progress.

  15. I’m still away from home at the moment so I can’t remember what chilli varieties (or tomatoes) I have ordered, but chillies were a pretty weird collection from chilli specialists Nicky’s Nursery. I try to keep my tomato choices a bit more sane, but usually throw in a couple of wildcards. I’m anxious to get home and get the chillis germinating in my propagator, no doubt will post varieties when I get back, thanks, Tracey

  16. I’m growing Cayenne too this year, it’s my favorite chillI so I’m hoping it works,
    though the climate here in Ireland isn’t chilli friendly, ill need to put them in a polytunnel or greenhouse.

  17. I grow several different varieties of tomatoes and chiles every year, and Black Krim was one of my favorites last year. I will definitely be growing them again this year. My favorite chile pepper to grow is Black Hungarian (also called Czech black.) It has a wonderful medium hot, sweet flavor and it’s beautiful looking too. The peppers start out dark purple and then ripen to a dark red. The plants are purple-ish too!

  18. This weekend, I planted Celebrity & Cherry Tomatoes and Sweet Bell Peppers. So happy to be tiling some soil again!

  19. Kate – ah yes, I’ve seen this variety growing and it’s striking to look at. Another one to try!
    Southbourne Gardens – That’s a variety we haven’t heard of before, but I’m sure there are many more we’re going to come across.
    Fiona – Have you visited Chilli Ninja blog? Al is really friendly and passionate about growing chillies. Check it out for tips or advice if needed
    Tracey, weird collection sounds exciting!
    Cnahalverson – feels good to be sowing doesn’t it! The sun is streaming into the house today, keeping our seed trays nice and warm.

  20. We are growing Cayenne chilies again this year. I’ve found them very reliable. I planted saved seeds from last year’s plants and they are already coming up nicely. We’ve also put in some Scotch Bonnet and Habenero for some variety (and heat).

  21. I’m growing tomatoes and chillies for the first time. I’m keeping a watchful eye on my tomato seedlings and my chillies are hopefully busy germinating in plastic bags. It’s the man of the household who’s the curry chef and heat lover here too, so hopefully I’ll also have some chillies for his delectation!

  22. I’ve planted Sungold tomatoes – I don’t have a greenhouse, and these seem to do consistently well outside. I also often plant a blight-resistant one called Ferline which does quite well too. I’ve tried so many others in the past five years without much success! I have planted two types of chilli – Anaheim and Hungarian Hot Wax Yellow. Both are supposed to be fairly mild and good for stuffing. We shall see!

  23. The best toms i’ve grown were Ananas Noire (black pineapple) and Roma. The black pineapple were particularly good, with dark insides and large. We’re back on Roma this year with some standard tumblers also. Last year was an almost total wipeout as we have no greenhouse but we’re hopeful for more luck this year : )

  24. I always grow Sugar Plum, they’re gorgeous and it’s a bit of a tradition passed down to me from my mum. I’m going to grow a couple of other varieties this year too, but not in any great quantity. I’ve sowed my chillies too, can’t wait for them to pop through! I’ve got cayenne, hot thai, anaheim, my saved cayenne from last year and jalapeno!

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