Rust Linear Lanterns – Garden Product Review

Rust Linear Lanterns, Jo Alexander
Rust Linear Lanterns, Jo Alexander

Our new garden offers us the opportunity to grow our own fresh produce and to keep chickens, as our previous garden did. However, a large section of garden closest to the house is very much designed for entertaining. Providing summer actually arrives this year we realise this section of our garden will be very popular with family and friends. It’s one of the reasons we chose to live here and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have the facilities and space that we do and to comfortably use the garden in different ways. Everyone’s happy. But I’ll be even happier when I have my new veg garden to potter about in.

I was contacted recently by Jo Alexander and asked to review a pair of rust linear garden lanterns. Not the usual thing I would consider reviewing but seeing as we’re looking forward to using our new garden for entertaining on those warm summer nights (hopefully), dining outside and enjoying a glass of wine by candlelight is very appealing. The lanterns arrived carefully packaged with no self assembly required. For the price of £14.99 for a pair they are well made and pleasing on the eye, finished in a stylish rust-coloured effect with clear glass tea-light holders which slot easily into the ornate wire holder. They’re designed to be pushed into garden borders or pots, perfect for intimate dining by candlelight. Measuring 90cm high they could also be used to light a pathway and would make a lovely inexpensive gift.

I found them to be lightweight yet sturdy, elegantly blending into the garden setting. I’m more than happy to have a pair of these lovely lanterns in my garden. Thank you Patricia for contacting me to review this product.

Jo Alexander is a privately owned garden furniture and accessories company based in nearby Cambridge, you can view more stylish garden products including wildlife boxes ( I particularly love the bee house!) by visiting

7 thoughts on “Rust Linear Lanterns – Garden Product Review

  1. Hi Karen, this Garden Lanterns are looking so nicely and I am sure they will enlighten those lovely Summernights when family and friends are gathering in your Garden having a great time :) hugs xx


  2. I absolutely love being in the garden in the evening and setting up little twinkling lights. I really like these lanterns and they seem like a good price too. I hope you enjoy using them in your new garden :)


  3. Wow, these are really pretty. I’m only down the road on the North Herts border. Will have to check out the other products they have.


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