Handmade Beads

owl beads and charm pendant

I started using polymer clay for the first time recently, I wanted to try my hand at making beads. Being naturally drawn to woodland and nature themes I made these beads and pendants. I have to say that I know some amazing polymer clay and ceramic clay artists and their work knocks spots off of my little creations, but I really enjoyed seeing what I could create and I had fun doing so.

owl pendant

bird bead

Each piece you see was formed by hand, if I make more than one of the same they’re all a little different. After baking hard there’s sanding to be done to make each piece smooth, then I applied artist paint to bring the pieces to life. I guess my style is a little rustic, I’m generally not one for perfection but neither is mother nature.

22 thoughts on “Handmade Beads

  1. Thanks everyone!
    Eclecticlamb – That’s great, I find it very theraputic using clay.
    Sophie, thank you. Mainly inspiration from other bead makers (plus I adore owls) and putting my own ‘stamp’ on whatever I make. The pendant was quite tricky to do but I’m happy with how it turned out, it looks very much how I imagined it to. I make jewellery too in my spare time.


  2. These are really cute! You should try selling these on Etsy or something like that! :) I would love to be able to do things like this but I always make excuses of being too busy or not having enough space to do so.


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