Spring Seedlings

tomato seedlings

Early this morning I woke to sun streaming through the window, squinting my eyes to adjust to the light the warmth on my face felt good. I stood at the window for a while, taking in energy from the sun as I viewed our garden from above.

I made a mug of tea and checked on the seed trays (as you do). Tomato seedlings are growing strong and I could just make out signs of life pushing through the soil in the chilli tray. I’m pleased to have tomatoes and chillies on the grow but I will wait a couple of weeks at least before sowing anything else, the weather is set to turn colder.

A sullen wintry sky returned by early afternoon, along with the promise of heavy rain, gales and sleet for the weekend.

23 thoughts on “Spring Seedlings

  1. It’s such fun to see those little seedlings just popping up out of the soil! My tomatoes and peppers should be coming up any day now. We’ve been having some nasty cold weather here too. I hope we have some warm days soon!


  2. Awwww, they’re so cute. I hope the weather gets better where you live, here in southwest Texas the weather is reaaaaaally warming up, like really hot and it is barely March! I Hope your seedlings grow strong and healthy :)


  3. I sowed my tomato seeds three weeks ago and still no sign. Im suspect the seeds were no longer viable as they were a few yrs old but I just love having a go to see if any germinate.


  4. Lovely to see some signs of spring, despite the distinctly unspring-like weather. It is exciting every year to see those first few seedlings!


  5. Hi Sophie, I also keep old seed! I sow them into recycled fruit punnets for windowsill salads. Sunflower (seedlings are great in salads), radish, peas, brassicas and of course old salad leaf are all worth a go.


  6. You painted a lovely early morning gardening scene. My chillies have yet to germinate but I’ll be keeping an eye on them too.


  7. how do you start your seeds, I am having some problems with dampening off. Also, How many seeds do you normally put in each container..? So you take them out and replace the seeds which germinated or?


  8. Your patience is commendable! I keep hoping that I will wake up one morning and Spring will have arrived, but no luck so far. Ah well, we’re all in the same boat. Here’s hoping summer is as warm as March has been cold!


  9. They look good healthy seedlings! It’s such a joy to see them popping through isn’t it. I look at my chilies every day and smile, it’s a lovely feeling seeing nature in action!! : )


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