Sowing Black Krim Tomatoes

sowing seed

I’m sowing more tomatoes, so far I have 3 different varieties on the grow. Despite the unseasonably cold weather I’m remaining positive warmer weather will arrive soon. Well, you just have to really! I bought Black Krim tomato seed after seeing a very tempting photo of the fruits via Seed Parade on Facebook. The weakling that I am.

Somehow lots of other seed ended up in my order too. I’ve no idea how that happened. Oops!

seed parade

I love the clear resealable seed bags, I often find seeds rolling around in the bottom of my seed tubs so this should avoid that problem. The seed is really easy to see too, I find it annoying when small seed gets caught in the fold of paper packets. I managed to get seed I wanted a lot cheaper by snapping up some of the sale prices via the Seed Parade website

tomato seedlings

I just hope our gardening neighbour has plenty of room in his greenhouse, plenty of tomato seedlings coming his way soon!

20 thoughts on “Sowing Black Krim Tomatoes

  1. So behind here too… New to this garden grower but learned last year… No tomatoes outside in Northern Ireland as they dont turn red. Used to South Africa conditions and had to learn from scratch. Love your blog!!!


  2. This year, we will try “Black Prince” tomatoes. It’s a black tomatoe wich don’t fear coldness, supposedly (!) It’s perhaps the french name for the same tomatoe? I’ll mahe a search on your black krim tomatoe.


  3. I have sown black Russian toms in the green house and nothing happened for weeks now, they are getting the house treatment. My carrots only germinated after nearly two months! This cold is relentless.


  4. Oh dear, I just visited the website and it is incredibly cheap and tempting. I’m trying to resist as I just planted 6 varieties of tomatoes today and my polytunnel will be bursting at the seams as it is. Thanks for the link, I will be using Seed Parade in future – or growing stuff in my neighbours tunnel too ….


  5. I agree, the resealable bags are great. I used to get my seeds from Alan Romans before he was swallowed up by Thompson & Morgan, but seedparade have got their packaging right. I also seem to have more seeds in my brown parcel when it arrives than I initially planned. Funny that:)


  6. Thank you Karen – I’ve been shopping there today, it is such good value even without the 20% discount I’ve just seen in your message above damn it!


  7. I found Black Krim tomatoes on the net,. We call them “Tomates Noires de Crimée” in France. We had some of them last year. Fantastic tomatoes, very tasty. And this year we’ll have Black Krim and Black Prince tomatoes.


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