Sunshine and Planting

planting potatoes
Planting seed potatoes

We planted potatoes at the allotment yesterday, the weather was pleasant all weekend with Sunday being warm enough to leave our coats at home. Yay! Even though I dislike planting potatoes (I find it so dull), it felt good to be doing something other than talking about what we couldn’t get on with and moaning about the weather.

Dig, dig, dig

When we first got our allotment two sections of the plot were incredibly stubborn to dig. Correction, near on impossible. We broke a spade and fork, barely scratching the surface. Eventually we accepted defeat and covered the compacted areas with manure and pretty much ignored it for the rest of that year, using other areas of the plot instead.

Still digging…..

Manure certainly helped to feed and lock moisture into the soil. Last year we tackled the areas again by digging in lots of compost to improve the structure, then we made two large beds and planted potatoes in order to break the soil apart further down. We had a good crop despite a poor summer and the soil improved considerably. Success!

harvesting potatoes

Planting our potatoes yesterday was so much easier than it was last spring (still dull though), making all the effort we put in worthwhile. We’re growing a main crop variety called Sante this year (we usually grow Desiree), so we shall see how it performs and tastes.

11 thoughts on “Sunshine and Planting

  1. I planted my main crop potato yesterday. My early potatoes are already in their grow bags (I gave up with the allotment after it rained all of april last year). I fear though the earlies have been frozen in time with all the bad weather we have had.


  2. We’re trying to cultivate a new area in our garden and the soil’s really poor so very interested in your idea of covering it with manure and leaving for a year. It was such a lovely weekend to get planting wasn’t it, we planted fruit trees and got some more broad beans in and felt so lovely just being outside and productive all day.


  3. About to plant our potatoes this week – soil was too cold yesterday (unless I was just looking for an excuse not to do it ;-) ).
    But it always feels like we mean business when we have the “spuds” in.
    Agree 100% with the comment about doing…not talking about doing.
    here’s to growing things … cheers!


  4. Me too!! Six bags of spuds in on Saturday – earlies, salad, first and second main crop for a change. That was after painting the fence in the morning sunshine. It was good to be working, and getting on with it for a change!!


  5. I was due to plant my potatoes yesterday, but after spending a couple of hours trying to move a huge rock out of the new patch, it poured with rain for the first time in weeks! I’ll try again this week. I know only too well how it feels to try and break tough ground. I haven’t grown Sante so would be good to see how they go.


  6. The soil looks great now. I have spent two sessions trying to dig in some green manure – one yesterday, one a couple of weeks previously. It is very stubborn stuff, I will think twice before planting it again, although hopefully it has held on to some nutrients during that very wet winter. It did grow and grow, and people passing by would stop and stare and say, “Is that green manure?” in a sort of “What were you thinking” tone. You live and learn.


  7. It may have been dull work but I bet it felt wonderful to finally be able to get out there, the weather has been so blasted cold. I was so happy to see the first signs of germinating mange-tout in the kitchen garden yesterday, not least because I thought the birds had got them all!


  8. Bet it feels good to get them planted though. Think we are all just glad to be able to get out there and do some gardening! I need to get mine planted and might nip up to the plot later as I think some much needed rain due for the end of the week.


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