Half-Term Onions

planting onion sets

Yesterday I dragged our half-term-holiday-bored-teenagers to the allotment to help plant onion sets while I got on with some much-needed weeding. I highly doubt the onion rows are straight (they looked a bit dodgy to me), but I’ll settle for wonky rows.

I buy onion sets locally which is very convenient but the varieties available are limited, I’m happy enough with growing Sturon and Red Baron again this year, they always do well for me. Last year I had a go at growing Hercules onion instead of Sturon, some bulbs were a lovely size at harvest time but the rest were pretty average. It’s hard to judge properly because of a poor summer so I’ll give them another go next time they’re available.

Do you have a favourite variety of onion (seed or set)?

13 thoughts on “Half-Term Onions

  1. I don’t really have a favorite kind of onion, but, oh, do I remember planting onion sets with my dad as a young girl. I always hated it because of all the bending over! But now, I look back on those days fondly as time well spent with my dad.


  2. I’ve always grown Sturon from sets and done well with them. I’ve still got about 20 from last year to use, and planted this years out at the weekend. xx


  3. I really never seem to know what they are after I plant them, which is really annoying if they do well. This year I have Shenshyu and Sturon and I went round my onion patch on the allotment yesterday shoving in Rumba onions into all of the (many) gaps where onions have mysteriously disappeared. Definitely not in rows or any kind of meaningful pattern, but they are in and that’s good enough for me!


  4. I’ve not had much success with onions at all the last couple of years. They just don’t seem to get very big and so don’t seem to be worth the effort and space. I may go back to them next year – I do tend to change my sowing/growing plans every couple of years.


  5. Depends on what you’re doing with them. I quite like white Lisbon, Walla Walla, Candy Hybrid and Red Delicious – my spring onions are doing well, seemingly enjoying the great weather. Don’t we all? :)


  6. Do you also grow shallots? Garlic?
    Started ours off in pots in the greenhouse this time around.
    But planted over-wintering ones in October/November and they seem to have survived – so far!


  7. I’m trying onions for the first time this year, I got a few sets of Sturon to try in containers. My garden here is small, and needs moved around a bit as there are no beds at present. Next year will be different!!


  8. White onions for me as they seem to be the most expensive in the shops – although I grew Red Baron last year. I don’t mind them on the small side as that suits my cooking. Good for you getting help from the teenagers – something I haven’t managed yet!!


  9. My onions are not on the least in straight lines. Started off trying to plant them in straight lines, but as time went on, and I planted more and more; they are scattered all over the place. I rather like red baron and electric onions. These were smaller than white ones, but really quite lovely.


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