Grow Your Own Tomatoes with Heinz Tomato Ketchup

heinz tomato ketchup

I received my parcel of gardening equipment and tomato seeds from Heinz Tomato Ketchup today after being asked if I’d like to take part in their very first gardening scheme. I’m growing my own tomatoes using the seeds provided (a lovely plum variety that I’ve never grown before called San Marzano) and recording how I’m getting on here on my blog. After I’d finished drooling over the rustic-looking veg box I turned my attention to sowing the tomato seeds.

I love growing my own food and I love a challenge too, so I’m delighted to take part in the gardening scheme. As an added incentive I could be rewarded with a Heinz hamper too. Heinz Tomato Ketchup have also launched an interactive app on their Facebook page, offering free tomato seeds and tomato trivia to families across the UK, use the app to see how your tomatoes compare with others taking part.

6 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Tomatoes with Heinz Tomato Ketchup

  1. What a great idea…i have some very late bloomers of tomatoes at the moment,they are a good size but i fear they won’t ripen as a late summer which is hanging around,has pretty much encouraged them to grow but the cool weather is now coming..seems to be a weird season for everyone here in Victoria..i look forward to seeing your progress…and yes you had me at rustic! greta looking presentation :)


  2. Hi Fozziemum, it’s a shame when that happens but they’ll make a lovely chutney. I’m aiming to make more preserves/chutneys this year, my kitchen skills are pretty rusty! I was pleasantly surprised by the parcel, I love the dinky little watering can (very handy for watering seed) and that box….!


  3. LOL… dinky indeed ..I will be making use of the green toms if they don’t ripen,i got some from a friend and have green tomato pickles all done! i looooove cooking and make jams,chutneys,make my own bottled fruit,dried tomatoes,bread,cakes even doggie biscuits :) recently entered my first apple pie and cake baking a medal for best pie and best apple cake..even got best overall! was very you can imagine my frustration at the trouble getting these gardens sorted..but as you probably know,fencing has to come first and we had to snakeproof and….. lol it will happen :)


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